POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Official Trailer #1

Welcome to Ryme City. A celebration of the harmony between humans and Pokémon. ♪ ♪ Tim, your dad was a legend in this precinct. – If you are anything like your dad– – I’m not. I remember you wanted to be a Pokémon trainer when you were young. – Yeah, that didn’t really work out. Someone there? Whoever you are, I know how to use this. Aw, jeez. Here we go. I know you can’t understand me. But put down the stapler… … or I will electrocute you. ♪ ♪ Did you just talk? Whoa. Did you just understand me? – Oh, my God! You can understand me! – Stop! I have been so lonely! They try to talk to me all the time.

All they hear is “Pika-Pika.” You can hear him, right? Pika-Pika. Yeah. Pika-Pika-Pika. He’s adorable. You’re adorable. They can’t understand me, kid. – Can no one else hear him?! ♪ ♪ I don’t need a Pokémon. Period. Then what about a world-class detective. Becase if you wanna find your pops… … I’m your best bet. We’re gonna do this, you and me. ♪ I can’t see me loving nobody but you for all my life ♪ There’s magic. It brought us together. And that magic is called hope. Listen up, we got ways to make you talk, or mime… – Yeah. …So tell us what we wanna know. Pipe. Yes. Okay. A can. Shoving? Pushing. My problem is that I push people away and then hate them for leaving.

He’s saying you can shove it. – What? I can shove it? Okay, that’s it. No. We’re switching roles. I’m bad cop, you’re good cop. – No, we’re not cops. In my head, I saw that differently. .

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‘My Volt’s on fire’: #SomethingALiberalMightSay offerings ring familiar


The #SomethingALiberalMightSay hashtag has been coasting along for a few hours now on Twitter.

Here’s a sampling of the offerings, and more than a few sound awfully familiar:

http://twitter.com/#!/CandiLissa/status/422594794095775746 http://twitter.com/#!/Voxpopuli99/status/422790493316317184 http://twitter.com/#!/Stings600/status/422760343933186049 http://twitter.com/#!/racoker/status/422805723429736448 http://twitter.com/#!/blackrepublican/status/422769182191517696 http://twitter.com/#!/Shaughn_A/status/422595367239028736 http://twitter.com/#!/PatrioticViking/status/422770342026027008 http://twitter.com/#!/KDamageInc/status/422595530905387008 http://twitter.com/#!/blackrepublican/status/422769280413732864 http://twitter.com/#!/izzyjsmom/status/422597909759000576 http://twitter.com/#!/methuselaschild/status/422598901967757312 http://twitter.com/#!/corbinallred/status/422600852717981697 http://twitter.com/#!/MoneyMyPassion/status/422601614415785986 http://twitter.com/#!/unaccounted_4/status/422604415707529216 http://twitter.com/#!/blackrepublican/status/422769703518367744

We’ll close with a little something for Al Gore & company:


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