20 Epic Alternatives To Boring Old Pizza — You’re Going To Love These

I’m as big of a fan of pizza as the next guy or girl, but sometimes, I can’t help but crave something a little different than a standard pie.

Hear me out before you call me a traitor to the pizza club…

While I’ll always eat a slice of pepperoni if it’s put in front of me, these fun alternatives to a regular pie will have you running to the kitchen to replicate these delicious recipes.

1. This hash brown pizza will have you drooling in seconds.

2. Or maybe you want sliced potatoes? This pie is for you.

3. Okay, but can we talk about pizza monkey bread?

4. While we’re on the topic of carbs…pizza PASTA.

5. This isn’t your average pizza…it’s made in a Crock-Pot!

6. I need these zucchini pizza boats in my mouth ASAP.

7. But these bite-sized poppers look tasty, too.

8. Basically make anything mini and I’m on board. I give you mini cauliflower pizzas.

9. Eggplant pizza never seemed like a good idea…then I saw these.

10. I love egg rolls and I love pizza…my prayers have been answered.

11. Pizza in a bowl? Yeah, I can get behind this concept.

12. I guess if you insist on being healthy, these quinoa pizza bites look good.

13. How beautiful are these personal portobello pizzas?

14. Or…make them mini (again)!

15. This pizza dip will have the whole family excited for snack time.

16. Or just go with an easy pizza casserole.

17. For all you pizza-for-breakfast fans: easy egg pizza.

18. These pizza waffles also look delicious!

19. Or maybe you’re craving dessert? Well this pizza cake isn’t sweet, but it’s chock-full of meat.

20. This pizza cake is equally delicious, but perhaps less harsh on your arteries?

If these tasty pizza alternatives didn’t make you a believer in the power of the pie — in different forms — then I don’t know what will!

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Michael Moore blasts retailers that are open for business on Thanksgiving


Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is calling for a Thanksgiving Day boycott on chain stores that are open for business today.

He’s not the only one who is unhappy:

http://twitter.com/#!/WhitneySandefur/status/406001249570414592 http://twitter.com/#!/STR8_KILLER/status/405990677928230912 http://twitter.com/#!/AuzzieBakes/status/405984491216175104 http://twitter.com/#!/Sabreenabee/status/405958373905948673 http://twitter.com/#!/_saraellen/status/405912710816497664 http://twitter.com/#!/jbiedrzycki45/status/405896580320223233 http://twitter.com/#!/kristinpuhl/status/405990220610285568 http://twitter.com/#!/Aaengelhart/status/405842789218271232

On the other hand, not everyone who has to work today is upset about it:

http://twitter.com/#!/tatumchambers/status/405904650316283904 http://twitter.com/#!/__Beeyouteeful/status/406000459191562240 http://twitter.com/#!/ktowngamblr/status/405999879219998721

A poignant reminder: “there are soldiers deployed around the world who will spend their Thanksgiving maneuvering around IEDs trying to avoid being shot. Pardon me if I don’t have a spare tear to shed for the Walmart cashier who has to settle for Thanksgiving leftovers.”

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Shooting, possible suicide reported inside Texas shopping mall


News crews are just beginning to look into reports of a shooting at the Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas, but tweets from people on the scene give an early picture of the panic that ensued. Some are reporting a suicide, while others say police were involved.










* * *

Local news sources are reporting that a man who was being escorted away from the mall by security following a domestic dispute shot himself. No one else was injured.











* * *

Here’s a photo taken at the scene.





Twitchy will monitor the situation and update as details are available.

* * *

Update: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth is reporting that the man has died at the hospital. He reportedly had a fight with a store employee and shot himself with a gun concealed in his clothing as he was being led away by mall security.



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Fox News mole plans in-depth bathroom stall exposé


Remember this dipstick? Seems the intrepid infiltrator is shopping for a book deal. No, really.

Can’t say no one saw this coming: Gawker’s Fox News informant, Joe Muto, is taking meetings with publishers this week for a proposed book about his eight years inside the cable news network, tentatively titled An Atheist in the Foxhole.

A handsome advance might help to offset any impending legal headache (especially since Mr. Muto claimed to have been “blackballed” by other news outlets for having worked for Fox), and the proposal promises plenty of Daily Kos catnip not yet published on Gawker.

Unlike MediaMatters.org’s straight-faced The Fox Effect and Gabriel Sherman’s forthcoming (and reportedly deeply reported) The Loudest Voice in the Room, Mr. Muto’s book is pitched as a How to Lose Friends and Alienate People-style industry memoir in a Dave Barry/David Sedaris tone. The proposal outlines chapters devoted to the “cheapness and stinginess” of Fox News (“cannot be overstated”), Mr. O’Reilly’s morning ritual (“lots of yelling”) and—“in what’s certain to be the most talked about chapter of the book”—the 2004 sexual harassment suit filed against Mr. O’Reilly.

Should be riveting stuff.

@sarahbellumd Anyone stupid enough to get caught as fast as he did should get a fist to the face, not a book contract #fact

— Political Math (@politicalmath) May 2, 2012

True story.

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I Knew I Was Being Lied To But THIS Much? Wow, I’ll Never Trust Another Advertisement.

As you use the Internet, you probably come across countless weight loss ads. They range from unrealistic promises (“Lose 10 pounds in five days!”) to downright dangerous suggestions (“Drinking a glass of vinegar will tighten your tummy.”). The thing to remember when you see weight loss ads is this: results take hard work. Most of the “before and after” shots you see in gimmicky weight loss ads are total lies. There won’t be any easy way to lose weight… but tricky ads think they can convince you it’s possible.

“I was around 185 pounds and about 16 percent body fat…. I asked my girlfriend to take a before shot. I then shaved my head, face and chest…. I did a few push ups and chin ups, tweaked my bedroom lighting, sucked in, tightened my abs and BOOM! We got our after shot.”

Then, he repeated the experiment to see if he could fake “over time” results pictures. He could.

Source: Andrew Dixon via Twenty Two Words The man in the pictures, Andrew Dixon, is a personal trainer. He wanted to show people that “get thin quick” schemes are just that: schemes. Even if it’s disheartening to know that most fad diet programs are a total bust, it’s important to realize that with proper posture and hygiene, you can look about 10x better. Woah. Share these weight loss lies with others by clicking the button below.

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Each of These Items Look Perfectly Normal, But They’re All From a Dollhouse.

Some people have hobbies to take their minds away from work. They punch out at the factory and go play softball or collect stamps. And then some choose to make their hobby play with people’s minds. Upon first glance, you would probably not find anything amazing about these photos. After all, they look like ordinary every day items…until you realize the painstaking effort it took to create each one, and that they’re all tiny enough to fit in a dollhouse.

flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr

The attention to detail in these miniature items are off the charts. I can’t fathom how a person could do this without a shrink ray. Check out more of Kim Saulter’s work here.

I’m going to go on record and say I’ve scoured the Internet for a long time and I was convinced that I couldn’t be amazed anymore. I felt like I’ve seen it all. I was amazed when I saw these miniature renderings of these every day items. In fact, I kept showing my co-workers and talking about it so much that they are annoyed with me now. Kudos, Kim Saulter. You got me.

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A Boy Strangled A 4-Year-Old To Death For A Childish Reason. It’ll Break Your Heart

The murder of a child is always heartbreaking, but when the killer is also a kid? The grief is unimaginable for everyone involved.

In 2015, an 11-year-old boy in Florida openly admitted that he strangled four-year-old Brayden Trahen to death. The boys lived in a trailer park with their mothers, Kyra Trahen and Vanessa Jones, who are married. Sadly, the family has experienced numerous troubles in the past, including incarceration, beatings, molestation, prostitution, and homelessness.

According to reports, the 11-year-old strangled his young stepbrother because he was “in a mood.” His anger stemmed from the fact that his parents were too broke to buy him birthday presents.

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Disturbingly, this was not the first time that his mother, Vanessa Jones, had noticed that something was wrong with her son. He had a history of choking children and sexual deviancy, as well as digging up and dismembering dead animals.

Just one month prior to the incident, he’d returned from a juvenile sexual treatment facility where he’d gotten help following a molestation. He also took a daily medication to help with his anger and anxiety.

The body of Brayden was discovered by a male guest in the trailer. Upon hearing that the child was dead, the 11-year-old told his mother, “I just want him to come back to life.”

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American Psychological Association: Planetary crisis causing ecoanxiety, PTSD on a mass scale

We’d thought that PTSD was finally being given the respect it deserved; and then a reporter for the New York Daily News claimed that test-firing anAR-15 at a gun rangegave him temporary PTSD, so loud were the explosions.

It turns out many more of us millions, perhaps have undiagnosed and untreated PTSD and don’t even know it, according to a new report put together by the nonprofit ecoAmerica, Climate for Health, and the American Psychological Association.

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Type 2 Diabetes – Five Healthy Sugar Swaps That Help Fight Diabetes!

Eating wisely is one of the most potent ways to fight against the effects of Type 2 diabetes. Both what you eat and how much you eat. Do you know saturated fats and refined sugar make up about a quarter of the average person’s caloric diet?

Sugar is found in everything, and unfortunately, if we are not careful about the foods we consume, we can wind up adding excessive amounts of refined sugar to our diet. Foods like yogurt and even salad dressing, usually deemed as “health foods,” are often notorious for containing added sugar. However, there are ways you can avoid adding these foods to your diet by making your recipes at home, and by using healthy sugar swaps to sweeten your recipes.

Let us take a look at five healthy sugar swaps you can use in healthy baking and to sweeten things like your morning cup of coffee or your morning bowl of oatmeal.

Five Healthy Sugar Swaps…

1. Raw Honey. Raw honey is an excellent natural sweetener, and unlike processed sugar, it contains added health benefits. Raw honey holds impressive antibacterial and antiviral properties making it a great food to support your immune health. You can use raw honey in place of refined sweeteners in your baking recipes, drizzled over oatmeal, or mixed into your morning tea.

2. Pure Maple Syrup. Pure maple syrup is another excellent sugar alternative as it contains vitamins and minerals and tastes great when used in healthy baking recipes. Try using pure maple syrup in place of refined table sugar when you make treats like muffins, or use to sweeten a bowl of unsweetened yogurt.

3. Stevia. Stevia is another natural sweetener option that comes with the benefit of having zero carbohydrates. A little goes a long way when it comes to using Stevia in your recipes, and is an ideal option for anyone who wants to stay away from sweeteners containing added sugar.

4. Bananas. Bananas are another healthy sweetening option as they are naturally sweet, complement many baking recipes and provides fiber to help slow the absorption of carbs.

5. Blackstrap Molasses. Blackstrap molasses is incredibly sweet, and it also contains some added health benefits. Molasses is rich in iron and can also help support digestive regularity. When it comes to using molasses, you only need a small amount, so start with a teaspoon or so.

You would be surprised at how all of these natural sweeteners complement your recipes and how easy it is to avoid processed sugar when you add these to your diet. However, keep in mind even though these are natural sweeteners; they are still sources of carbohydrates, minus the stevia. Just be mindful of using these in moderation, and you will be doing your health a tremendous favor by choosing natural sweeteners over the toxic and inflammatory refined sugar options.

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DIY Upholstery Cleaning Made Easy

Taking care of all the upholstery at home all on your own can seem like quite the daunting task. The modern home sports quite a few furniture pieces, most of which can be spoiled or damaged very easily. This is doubly true for people who share their apartments with flatmates, have small children at home or keep pets. Upholstery tends to be very absorbent in regards to dust, dirt and spills, which can lead to dust build-up and allergies or, to plain and simple, damage to the tissues. And even if you do rely on professional assistance for your upholstery cleaning needs, it is important to know how to tackle situations as soon as they arise! Below you can find a few simple tips and tricks about taking care of your furniture that will make your cleaning sessions a lot easier!

Upholstery Cleaning Sessions Made Easy:

Check the cleaning instructions – every piece of furniture should come with a list of cleaning codes, explaining what types of treatment it needs. Some are just fine with plain water; others might require more specific approaches. In any case, the entire process should be handled with care – never go overboard on cleaning solutions or even water, as they might damage your furniture.

Vacuum your upholstery regularly – If you want to keep the fabrics of your furniture in good shape, you need to give it a good vacuuming at least once a week. You will be surprised by how much dust and dirt can build up over the course of a mere week in your home. All the dust removed is dust you and your family members will not need to breathe in!

Treat old spills and stains- a good vacuuming, followed by mild water treatment can do wonders for fixing old spills. Unless otherwise stated by the cleaning instructions, use warm water for dealing with greasy stains and cool water otherwise.
Make your furniture dry faster – the drying process can be sped up significantly by using a simple fan! Just as effective as lugging it outside to dry under the sun and much easier and safer!

Get rid of stains immediately – Even though this should be common knowledge by now, a shocking number of furniture owners seem comfortable with the idea of letting stains set in. As soon as an accident happens (or as soon as you notice it, at least), it needs to be tackled with post-haste. You want to soak up any excess spill immediately and, depending on the situation, work on removing it or minimising the damage.

The company is a first choice provider of office and domestic cleaning services, trusted by a multitude of business leaders and private clients throughout the United Kingdom. Based in the very heart of London, we have spent the last 10 years alleviating any and all cleaning hassles for our fellow citizens.

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