Liberals think it’s ‘so freaking funny’: Voter ID law works as intended in Arkansas!/Howiedaman55/status/469286515466846208

Left wingers are absolutely giddy because Asa Hutchinson—a GOP gubernatorial candidate who supports voter ID laws— forgot his ID when he went to the polls to vote on Monday. Hutchinson was mildly inconvenienced (due to his own negligence) but was still able to vote after retrieving his ID. The event probably resides on the disaster scale somewhere between not having change for the parking meter and forgetting to pick up milk on your way home. But it’s totally HILARIOUS and ironic and stuff.!/comeonnoles/status/469298106777874432

RIGHT? It’s hysterical.!/liberal_parnell/status/469279195130896384

How sweet it is.!/allthewayleft/status/469285702111203328

L…O…L, indeed, friend.!/kankokage/status/469281393168896000

But wait. If you think about it this sort of shows that the law applies to everybody and not just minorities like the Democrats have tried to tell everyone.!/NoPCspin/status/469281876738179072

And it didn’t prevent Hutchinson from voting. He even won the primary. But he did have a staffer he could send to pick up his ID for him. What about people who might have to go get their own ID?!/jarsthemule/status/469281058069172224!/BumoutD/status/469308384886673408

Maybe the irony is in lefties celebrating that voter ID laws aren’t what they say they are.


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DCCC’s newest plea: ‘This election is vital to Barack Obama’s legacy’!/Garrett_R_Hall/status/519667842925330434

Only yesterday, the Democratic Congressional advertising and marketing Committee hit up its email detailing those who have its many ridiculous fundraising plea however: “It’s over. Zero possibility. Goodbye.”

Could the DCCC have any paid off? These days’s message is a plea for ballots rather than cash, but “hope and change” is finished, these days changed due to the need vote Democrat inside midterms to safeguard Obama’s record. It’s important, guys.

His name isn't through ballot, but this election could imperative that you @BarackObama's history.

— DCCC (@dccc) October 8, 2014

It confident is. #iasen #iapolitics #ByeByeBruce MT @dccc: Their particular title’sn't regarding ballot, but this election is really important to @BarackObama's record.

— AFPIowa (@AFPIowa) October 8, 2014

Cuz Legacy>Country. RT @dccc His / her title’sn't on ballot, but this election is key to @BarackObama's history.

— Quantum Flux (@QuantumFlux1964) October 8, 2014

@dccc @BarackObama track record of #FAILURE & #LIES #Obamanomics More bad More financial responsibility More with regards to work More #freestuff

— Barry Soterro (@Obomination1) October 8, 2014

Get sucked in Montana! I've advertised it before & today @dccc is verifying in order that it's genuine. each Ballots 4 @MTDems usually are ballots for @BarackObama #MTal #MTsen

— Montana no. 1 (@Best4MT) October 8, 2014

.@dccc is much more concerned about Obama's record than our country's future.

— KRenner (@KRenner2) October 8, 2014

Lol. Legacy RT @dccc: He's instead of the ballot, but this election could important to @BarackObama's record.

— Matthew (@Matthops82) October 7, 2014

.@Matthops82 @dccc @BarackObama Oh, we positively DO wish vote, but we don't think you're gonna' relish it.

— Screaming Eaglet (@ScreaminEaglet) October 7, 2014


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‘Meet the Press’ grills Romney over Obama’s failures!/Nyghtewynd/status/478193646328881152

Mitt Romney was a guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning. He slammed President Obama’s handling of the situation in Iraq and called Hillary Clinton “clueless” about the Bowe Bergdahl trade.!/WesleyLowery/status/478184856565067776!/mkraju/status/478186525235380224

Since blame Bush isn’t working out too well these days, leftists and their allies in the media have moved on to blaming others for Obama’s failures.!/JoeFLSTC/status/478163166724386816!/larsoneric50/status/478180391216353280

Iowahawk hits NBC where it hurts regarding Romney:!/DoubleEagle49/status/478219326470647808

Video of his appearance can be seen here:!/JoeNaples1/status/478197646801510400!/siircharless/status/478194242267774976


Mitt Romney hangs with Mark Cuban, Peyton Manning

Did OFA delete tweets about Romney and Iraq? No, but you might need this trick to find them

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