Liberals think it’s ‘so freaking funny’: Voter ID law works as intended in Arkansas

http://twitter.com/#!/Howiedaman55/status/469286515466846208 Left wingers are absolutely giddy because Asa Hutchinson—a GOP gubernatorial candidate who supports voter ID laws— forgot his ID when he went to the polls to vote on Monday. Hutchinson was mildly inconvenienced (due to his own negligence) but was still able to vote after retrieving his ID. The event probably resides on … [Read more...]


DCCC’s newest plea: ‘This election is vital to Barack Obama’s legacy’

http://twitter.com/#!/Garrett_R_Hall/status/519667842925330434 Only yesterday, the Democratic Congressional advertising and marketing Committee hit up its email detailing those who have its many ridiculous fundraising plea however: “It’s over. Zero possibility. Goodbye.” Could the DCCC have any paid off? These days’s message is a plea for ballots rather than cash, … [Read more...]


‘Meet the Press’ grills Romney over Obama’s failures

http://twitter.com/#!/Nyghtewynd/status/478193646328881152 Mitt Romney was a guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning. He slammed President Obama’s handling of the situation in Iraq and called Hillary Clinton “clueless” about the Bowe Bergdahl … [Read more...]