400lb. Goliath Grouper Sneaks Up On A Fisherman And Fights For His Catch.

This freaky underwater footage was shot by a spear-fisherman’s wife, who had a GoPro Hero 3 camera attached to her diving suit. The couple were diving in about 80ft of water off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, when a huge 400lb. Goliath Grouper appeared. The giant fish swam up on the man and snatches a fish right off his spear.

If this happened to you, what would you do?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWP8tpzKpKI?rel=0]

(Source: Arif Sabir)

I have always had an irrational fear of Groupers simply due to the size of their mouth, even though people assure me they are the “teddy bears of the ocean”. (At least this video seems to validate my fear to an extent.)

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This Might Just Be The Most Adorable Children’s Argument Ever. Too Cute!

Kindergarten teacher Tara Willmott decided to film a few of her children when they began to adorably debate the weather (if it was raining or simply just sprinkling). She had no idea just how viral the video would get, ranking up nearly 8 million view on YouTube in a week.

When you watch their little argument though, it’s easy to see why the video went so popular. Oh my goodness.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sKdDyyanGk?rel=0]

(Soure: Tara Willmott)

I really love the little girl in the middle mediating. It’s like toddler divorce court.

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Reindeer Herder Blows The Judges Away With His Song On Sweden’s Got Talent.

When 26-year-old Jon Henrik Fjallgren stepped onto the stage of Sweden’s Got Talent, no one really knew what to expect. Dressed in the traditional clothing of the indigenous Sami people, this reindeer herder from Sweden sang a traditional Sami form of song known as a “joik.” Jon composed the song himself and dedicated it to his best friend, Daniel, who tragically died in an accident a few years ago.

Jon stunned the whole audience as he began to sing. Everyone was moved by the beauty of what they heard. The song doesn’t have any actual lyrics, but it really didn’t need any lyrics since everyone could feel the emotion.

(For English subtitles, press the ‘CC‘ button in the bottom right of the video player.)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woEcdqqbEVg?rel=0]

(Source: Talang Sverige)

Jon had a tough life; he was first born in a small village in Colombia and later moved to an orphanage. Jon was eventually adopted by a Swedish Sami family and became part of a reindeer herding community. Jon was often bullied as a child because he had darker skin and was not born a Sami. His tough past, along with the death of his best friend, clearly had a huge influence in his emotional music.

Jon went on to win Sweden’s Got Talent. He clearly deserved the victory.

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This Pool Cost $2 Million. You may never ever believe The Shocks It is Hiding.

We vow you have got never ever seen a “pool” similar to this (if you are capable sooner or later in addition phone this a share). It is WAY closer to a water park than the dinky orifice into the floors at your house .. With an eye-popping $2 million expense tag…well, it should be much better than a typical share.

Which simply the specific residence inclusion might develop any person envious. 

Offer Utah, the share is made to confirm always just like an ordinary pond than a share.

It is actually filled up with different waterfalls, all which you are able to jump-off of.

In the event that you dare to boost up that big!

Many tunnels takes you to all the sorts of hidden locations.

Including a twisty fluid autumn that competitors many liquid places.


The level from the share is 23 foot therefore don’t tension about cannonballs.

Through the entire inside, there are locations to nestle.

And a good amount of concealed waterfalls.

there exists a fantastic viewing area behind the key waterfall.

That backlinks to a whole home with high-class services.

Certainly, in addition discover top end restrooms and restrooms.

And also, you will definitely acquire A LAZY RIVER!

With the important extravagant scuba diving system contained in center america!


All handled by a complex selection of pipelines and pumps pursuing a good little bit of techie understanding.

See total film!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn0M9qQJEuw]

Consequently, you happy to check-out Residence Depot and produce a? there’s no strategy the typical average person may have a share similar to this, it costs significantly more than many individuals’s houses. It’s advisable that you dream, though.

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Young Woman Burst Towards Tears After Getting Amazed Because Of The Woman Daddy In A Pumpkin Patch.

This daddy and individual inside army served a 10 1 month journey in Afghanistan, along with his youngster had no clue he previously been on sometime ago family members.

View because litttle woman gets astonished because of the woman daddy while away alongside the woman mommy selecting pumpkins for Halloween. The truly amazing more youthful lady instantly breaks into rips whenever she understands it’s the lady mother or father. She was for this reason overcome with glee was in fact she at witnessing him yet again eventually sufficient time.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZUeCYT0YYE?rel=0]

(provide: Meg Kaplan)

Aww just what an unbelievable residence min, preferably in regards to the benefit he may be residence totally nowadays.

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One Silly Puppy Cannot Workout Utilizing The Terrace Door. Possibly 1 day.

This funny small puppy demonstrably had one many “run-ins” with a closed-door. See simply because small man appears from glass residence, holding-out with their proprietors to start up it and let him in. Exactly what he doesn’t realize will be the residence can be acquired.

Sooner or later, his owner chooses to supply the pup some help by pantomiming exactly what he believes should occur:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udbMNZDQS48?rel=0]

(supply: Daniel Wirtz)

These days this may be the forms of well-mannered puppy everyone need! Unless, absolutely, he’s a vampire puppy that simply was not welcomed into this family however.

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What These Guys Did To A Billboard Is The Best Prank You’ll See Today.

Remember that time those two guys wore a GoPro and scaled the Shanghai Tower? With the video that basically gave you acrophobia (which is an extreme or irrational fear of heights)? Well, they survived, and they’re back for more building-scaling shenanigans. 

Vadim Makorov and Vitaliy Raskalov made names for themselves by climbing to enormous heights, without harnesses, and taking amazing videos and photos. Most recently, they climbed a skyscraper in the middle of Hong Kong, along with two friends, and not only that, but they also managed to make a little edit to the billboard at the top, creating a nice message for the people below. Check out the video they made. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJkuCzgg7fo]

Some of our favorite highlights: 

On top of the billboard

Hacking into the billboard. Note the graffiti.

The team’s logo over Hong Kong

Rooftop selfies.

The billboard’s message to the people below.

If you want to see more climbing of large things, check out their website

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Brave Lady Ventures Over A Busy Mexican Highway To Rescue A Hurt Puppy.

Superheroes is almost certainly not real… but heroes do exist. A brave Mexican girl could not remain idly by whenever she saw your dog in big trouble at the side of a highway in Mexico City. He was poorly hurt and merely seconds away from becoming fatally struck by a speeding automobile.

View as she fearlessly ventures into visitors to get to the dog. She’s amazing:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IvyLaBwmac?rel=0]

(supply: CanalIdoneo)

The poor puppy had in fact been hit by a vehicle, but he was so injured he could not muster up the power to get from the road. Thankfully, now the dog is recovering in an animal housing. Once he is healed, the shelter will make an effort to place him in a loving home.

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Rescued Baby Elephant Plays With A Ribbon At A Park. My Heart Just Melted.

At the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand a recently rescued elephant named Faa Mai was given an elastic ribbon to play with. You might not think that elephants (or animals in general) have feelings. When you see what little Faa Mai did, it will keep you smiling for hours…!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dH1jZrsuVg]

(via TwisterSifter)

Elephants are extremely intelligent and sensitive animals. An elephant’s brain is actually similar to a humans, in complexity and in structure. Just by watching Faa Mai play with a ribbon, I know that I’m completely convinced of their emotional range.

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Losing Your Baggage Is Terrible, But Having He Let You Would Just Rock.

Dutch airliner KLM features a lacking & discovered staff at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, specialized in reuniting people who have actually their particular missing things asap. Whether you destroyed a teddy bear, a laptop or your luggage. They help you find your material!

Seeking the proprietors can often be tough though, so some undoubtedly unique causes used by the work…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK-T_t166TY?rel=0]

(internet site: KLM)

From then on, looks like my a short while later travel will most likely becoming with KLM and I also also in addition besides’ll be losing all my item intentionally…

Unfortuitously, this nice connect is a marketing stunt by KLM and you’ll get a hold ofn’t really any puppies of those definite recently started lacking & found staff (awww). Disappointing right? Would-have-been one awesome “Lost & Hound” choice.

KLM representative Joost Ruempol had this to convey: “canine is strictly continually portray the lively implies our interesting lacking & found staff can look for proprietors and unite these in relation to missing belongings”.

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