John Sexton exposes VA scandal, Obamacare, and the left-wing wonk cover-up

http://twitter.com/#!/verumserum/status/473147209706668032 Blogger John Sexton astutely connected the dots this afternoon on the role that partisan liberal “policy analysts” and activist “journalists” have played in whitewashing deadly bureaucratic decisions at the Department of Veterans Affairs and masking the truth about the Obamacare disaster. His launching point: A New … [Read more...]


Pelosi ensures 9.5 million now covered because of O-care; Byron York features reality check

http://twitter.com/#!/Steve_Jaye/status/450651452571021312 Nancy Pelosi is gushing nowadays over a write-up whenever you have the la days: http://twitter.com/#!/NancyPelosi/status/450650031679606784 Simply today, the Dems is at truth rejoicing over a purported 6 million “enrollees.” http://twitter.com/#!/PydePypper/status/450650783781228544 That’s as a substitute a … [Read more...]