‘God keep our heroes safe’: Actress Janine Turner, others offer prayers for US pilots

http://twitter.com/#!/leafsmakemecry/status/514258137587908608 Within minutes of news breaking Monday night of the United States and a handful of partners beginning a series of air strikes on Syria, “Northern Exposure” actress Janine Turner was offering her prayers for the pilots involved in the operation. God bless our pilots who are flying over Syria right now. God keep our … [Read more...]


Citizens outraged upon reading Obama wishes billions to ‘handle’ illegals

http://twitter.com/#!/JCross14/status/483371582249639936 President Obama is likely to ask Congress for billions so as to “handle” the kids illegally crossing the United States’ southern border. http://twitter.com/#!/MichaelMurphyKO/status/483377470713131010 Outraged people are not tricked at all by the administration’s … [Read more...]


Immigration protesters take-over Harry Reid’s office

http://twitter.com/#!/dianaqbui/status/509410795588157440 Sen. Harry Reid tweeted today that whenever the president takes task on immigration, “i certainly wish he goes honest Big.” He’s probably wishing the president functions undoubtedly rapidly besides, as a team of protesters through team United We dream have actually really pleased into Reid’s business, unhappy … [Read more...]


Gingrich: Obama’s statement about assaults in Canada ‘verges on delusional’

http://twitter.com/#!/PetesWire/status/525031253893201920 Yesterday, a Canadian soldier was killed and another harm in a “hit and run” terrorist attack. These days at a war memorial nearby the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, a gunman chance and killed a soldier just before getting killed by Parliament’s sergeant-at-arms. The search goes on for potentially even more … [Read more...]


‘incredible’: state dept. official ‘falls on his sword’ for Hillary

http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/512279342655995905 At these days’s Benghazi hearing, Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Greg Starr testified there are no plans to apply certain security recommendations which have been made following the attack about the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. In addition, Starr had been expected the reason why then-Secretary of State Clinton … [Read more...]


Sharyl Attkisson locates the ‘smoking gun’ generally in most recent Benghazi document dump

http://twitter.com/#!/auntlala76/status/461272044676861953 Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson resigned from CBS Ideas in March, but she didn’t end reporting. Attkisson’s assessment associated with the recently introduced Benghazi reports could be discovered on your ex lover specific internet site, and yes it’s important reading right that's been after tale instantly. Rep. … [Read more...]


‘BAM. Nailed it.’ Abbott marketing responds to Wendy Davis’ despicable attack ad

http://twitter.com/#!/TheBrandonMorse/status/520671659674460160 Utilizing girl bad brand-new advertising against Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis seems there is no level that she's going to not sink trying to win the governorship. Abbott’s marketing pulled no blows using their reaction: Great a reaction to wheelchair marketing and advertising through Abbott marketing. … [Read more...]


Lucianne Goldberg retweet fingernails it: would it be Obama’s after that Ukraine move?

http://twitter.com/#!/Coondawg68/status/441242971133190144 O-Bam! It’s frightening as it appears genuine. But, don’t anxiety, men! President Obama is from instance. Lucianne Goldberg retweeted the “scoop”: Will this be his / her next move? http://twitter.com/#!/LucianneLinks/status/440217477310853120 Get. http://twitter.com/#!/SconsetCapital/status/440218572963729408 But, … [Read more...]


‘Your turn, Obama’: Heads roll under Gov. Christie, sit pretty under POTUS

http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/421308472689295360 At his press conference this morning, Gov. Christie announced that he has fired deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly for her role in the “Bridgegate” scandal, effective immediately: http://twitter.com/#!/KatiePavlich/status/421313848638185472 http://twitter.com/#!/DrewMTips/status/421312875286638592 Christie has also asked … [Read more...]


Kabul rocked by two blasts near U.S. embassy; Taliban reportedly claims responsibility

http://twitter.com/#!/Pressistan/status/415709670112641024 http://twitter.com/#!/AhMukhtar/status/415706693230936064 Reports streamed in across Twitter late on Christmas Eve that two blasts had shaken Kabul, Afghanistan not far from the U.S. Embassy. … [Read more...]