Primitive Technology: Planting Cassava and Yams

Grass hut Bed shed Barrel tiled shed Tiled hut Wattle and daub hut After being abandoned in favor of the other huts, the roof deteriorated and the walls damaged by rain A tree fell and destroyed the sweet potato patch Setting fire to tree Scraping away charred wood Chopping the rest with stone tools Using a log as a type 2 lever to shift tree logs as slide rails Wood for fence pickets Hammering pickets Weaving together with vine Digging mounds 32 mounds My stone hut, far down stream, 10 years earlier damaged by a tree in a cyclone The ruins of the hut today Wild yams grow over it now Aerial bulbs make good planting material Wild cassava, escaped from early farms in the area The stems are used for planting material It produces large, edible tubers high in energy Protected by law, scrub turkeys have lost their fear of humans.

It will only leave if chased away 25 cm lengths of cassava stems Planted horizontally in mounds Yam bulbs were also planted along the fence so that the vine could climb on it Storm rain brings nitrogen In less than a week the cassava sprouts It will require little attention after planting and will be harvested at the end of the year.

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Tourism in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Peterborough economic Devleopment success Redefined: Tourism In Peterborough & the Kawarthas Peterborough & the Kawarthas views: 3+ Million visitors annulally These visitors spend $Million if you have the positioning economic problem That investing causes above 2500 tourism organization tasks Stillwater into Lake is established for approximately two-and-a-half an acceptable time. The look will be improve the club on rest and morning meal. We desired individuals to let you moved along to Peterborough, have actually really absolutely actually unquestionably really a getaway on a lake but ‘ve got the luxuries of a 5-star resort. Gents and ladies certainly are priced at for through town. They appreciate getting ability to come someplace wherein environment is fresh, that they’re ready merely unwind and unwind and appreciate nature.

Crazy Rock Outfitters is an effective shopping shop aiding that anticipate on view environment solutions for every and each and each these kind of thing this is in reality non-motorized. Allowing is kayaking, canoeing, camping, walking, cross-country snowboarding & biking. Providing a totally competent getaway company through shop consequently we’ve been producing by-doing trips and trips. 25 a protracted extent back Keiran and I furthermore besides additionally relocated from Ottawa to Peterborough to begin with crazy Rock Outfitters. We relocated under while there is demonstrably clearly certainly need. We relocated here though was let me make it clear an elegant place to eradicate just live-in but in direction of company in. We in the first place reported in particularly 900 sq ft shop in downtown Peterborough. We quickly inside first period of time outgrew that and stretched to an 1800 base. Next we determined buy durable this is why , we purchased a 16,000 sq ft building in downtown Peterborough. Best move we have readily available as well as it is actually moments out-of-town going have in fact indeed really an unbelievable understanding on ponds, programs, programs and roadways. The Canadian Canoe Museum is a hands-on experiential museum. This is the the fact is excessively unique of many galleries you’d encounter numerous location. We have been our customized’s biggest couple of canoes, kayaks, and paddled watercraft. On a regular basis Peterborough was definitely the epicentre of canoe manufacturing globally.

We would nearly 10 numerous manufacturing places inside area; from Lakefield every equally deciding on Rice Lake. Peterborough with Kawarthas certainly is the most useful locations to see. Peterborough continues on. The positioning goes on. There is obviously galleries, there’s obviously restaurants, there clearly was plainly companies venues. There might be a great scene per little thing. I prefer dishes but Iove bicycles also. The pedaler portion of i will be because im a geniune cyclist and any level further we enthusiast with my fan Eric. Having Eric a while later and Frog rounds and our pastry cafe; it’s another advantage to supplying usa collectively within small type of jewel. And I in addition furthermore additionally also besides furthermore think we’ve been making the single thing unique utilizing two every individual getting once. There is absolutely no is running right through the mid-day to escape city. We’ve been enclosed by ponds, websites, songs, a lot of the absolute many effortlessly helpful biking roadways within some the country.

Peterborough besides Kawartha’s Tourism’s already been great lover for individuals for building these point of organization that could be our getaway. They truly are regularly exemplary to promote our trips that people supply to the Peterborough location to cyclists that ladies and guys require handle the greater costly Toronto location and all kinds of sorts of types of types of forms of types of kinds of types of kinds of kinds of over Ontario and Canada. It is often really advantageous to united states of america to make the most of Peterborough coupled with Kawartha’s Tourism.

We understand certainly formerly are becoming issues about the positioning, the solitary thing I am perhaps not familiar with, we only make a straightforward cellular cellular telephone call and I in addition besides in addition in addition additionally besides furthermore besides cellular mobile telephone call every and explore it inside my situation they have actually indeed indeed really certainly in fact unquestionably myself the considerable things and comprehension requirements for my customers instantly. Such that it already are already been wonderful. By integrating with Peterborough aside from the Kawartha’s Tourism besides the summary Peterborough economic developing, we’ve been ready attain some areas in which individuals wont typically generally frequently have actually the truth is the simple truth is certainly actually. Take a look at demonstrably obviously great dedication choices. We Trent University after that supplying Fleming company next we can draw students from Museum control system at Fleming and as from Trent University about pupil work which expertise additionally interior trainers.

Peterborough alongside the Kawartha’s I need to state I really do believe is truly Ontario’s most readily useful held secret..

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These Debunked Fables Based On The Notice Blew The Notice… Pun Intended. You Gotta Check out.

Just about everybody has heard the statistic that folks simply take advantageous asset of 10per cent of our ideas, but merely just how genuine is-it? Works out little, when you thought you comprehended your thinking, reconsider that thought!

Inside movie AsapSCIENCE breaks down perhaps one of the most persistent fables surrounding our minds.


That have-been super interesting, but he didn’t describe every thing about telekinesis, telepathy, and psionic capabilities…so i suppose most may be genuine.

Origin: AsapSCIENCE

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Modern-Day Johnny Appleseed Saved His Or Her Island By Building Woods.

In Assam, Asia you’ll discover the Molai woodland, one of the more special places in the world. During 1970’s, the planet’s biggest pond area achieves potential for sinking inside substance given that it sits in addition a sandbar. With regards to acutely early 1980’s, a giant woodland miraculously resulted in away from no-place and saved all of your location from sinking on fluid. Much more unique advantage of it? It was built by a truth Johnny Appleseed.

Meet Jadav Payeng, a lifelong forestry employee. Back 1979 he began to spot the insufficient plants for their little part of certainly 150,000 residents. The area had lost 50 percent of measurements because of erosion and completed . must be achieved.

Their particular choice was in reality quick: grow an alternative solution forest to really make the beginnings imperative that you keep away from erosion. Since beginning their work, their “forest” features actually truly exploded to over 1,360 kilometers, this is actually larger than Central Park.

In to the woodland, he formerly recently been mindful generate a truly diverse selection of woodlands and blossoms. This created an actual your ecosystem.

Their work had been brilliant, really, which do not only done Bengal Tigers, Elephants, and plenty of animals generally transfer towards woodland, but filmmaker William Douglas McMaster recently crowdfunded a documentary motion picture on Kickstarter about their own work. The movie is generally accepted as “woodland guy.”

You ought to take a good look at documentary below. It truly is specifically lengthy, but 1000percent worth every penny.

(YouTube via This Is Colossal) Payeng’s work, that has been paid with particularly fortifying the placement, is a traditional example of the influence someone have in fact regarding globe. This of system begs issue – just what have actually we done recently?

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There’s Something Special In The Cliffs Of Nepal. And These Guys Will Do Anything For It.

When I think of honey, I really don’t think of scaling a huge cliff with giant bees to get it. But that’s what the local people of Nepal do every year. They risk their lives to harvest wild honey from the cliffs, climbing long bamboo ladders and collecting the combs in a traditional, but very precarious, manner.

But this is not just any honey, and it doesn’t come from just any old bee. The Himalayan honey bee (Apis dorsal laborious) is the world’s largest honey bee and can measure up to 1.2 inches. They exist only in the Himalayas and build their nests in extremely high altitudes (from 8,200 to 13,500 ft). As for the honey itself, it’s red, and it’s one of the most valuable types of honeys in the world due to its intoxicating and relaxing qualities.

The Himalayan Gurung men of Nepal hanging on cliffs to harvest the honey.

They risk their lives so they can then export the honey to other Asian countries.

Seriously, they really risky their lives…

The bees are incredible.

These guys look like daredevils, but they’re just normal men earning their living.


After a long day of honey harvesting, it’s picture time.

That’s some serious work to get a bit of honey.

Photos: Éric Tourneret and Eric Valli

Share the hard, death-defying work these guys do to earn their living.

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Humans Insisted On Mining Of These Minerals, Although They Are Dangerous.

There’s nothing we people love a lot more than doing things that will probably destroy united states. Most of us operate while only taking into consideration the short term. Asbestos? Burning up through fossil fuels? Ingesting awful chemical substances? Meh

Here are a few substances we were so gung-ho about mining, although they certainly were awful for our health or culture. Path to take, community! Warning: Science ahead.  

1.) Cinnanbar.

Cinnanbar, also known as mercury sulphide, had been mined for mercury considering that the extremely first individual civilizations. It actually was previously the only path for ancient humans to get mercury, that was used as coloring, and had been an essential component in early medical equipment like thermometers and barometers. And of course mercury is essential for many different hefty professional processes. 

Nevertheless when this mineral oxidizes is produces methyl mercury, and dimethyl mercury. They are both incredibly harmful toxins that can trigger extreme injury to the neurological system, especially in children. Luckily the application of cinnabar happens to be eliminated in most sectors.

2.) Fluorite.

Despite how stunning fluorite looks, it could be just as lethal. Fluorite contains fluorine, which will be a soluble mineral that likes to leech its method into ground water. If for example the human anatomy digests fluorine, you can easily fall with skeletal fluorosis. This condition weakens the bones and bones of this body. It really is a standard condition in parts of outlying Asia and India from people consuming contaminated liquid.

3.) Quartz.

You have definitely heard of quartz before. It is perhaps one of the most common minerals in Earth’s crust, and it’s used for a huge amount of various things. However in case your breathe ground up quartz, things can lose their freshness for you real fast. You’ll contract silicosis (an ailment that swells the lungs and tends to make breathing extremely tough), and/or lung cancer. 

4.) Hydroxyapatite.

American Museum Of Nature Record

This quite little rock is most likely where phosphorous inside fertilizer and also the fluoride in your tap water originated in. Nonetheless direct exposure to this mineral when it is not processed straight down can be quite extremely bad. Direct contact with hydroxyapatite can in fact deposit phosphate minerals in your heart valves. Just in case you’re not sure, that isn’t the best thing. 

5.) Crocidolite.

You probably understand crocidolite better as blue asbestos. After discovering exactly how fire resistant, and strong crocidolite was, it was widely used as a building material in through the 1900’s.

Yet 1964 a web link was founded between asbestos and deadly mesothelioma. Not long after the marketplace for asbestos disappeared, while the united states of america is removing asbestos from its buildings ever since. 

(Via: Gizmodo)

Simply because anything comes from our planet, that does not imply it is safe. Lesson learned.

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These Caverns Are Huge, They’ve Extraordinary Climate System.

Hey, Asia! Your Er Wang Dong cave system is consequently huge, it’s its environment system! … No, undoubtedly, it may.

The huge cave system is the fact that includes clouds, fog, and all sorts of kinds of. This is actually the most recent normal marvels which discovered. The caverns, located in the Chongquing province of Asia, ended up being without a doubt concealed on a regular basis. Then, a stunned evaluation group found all of them.

If you haven’t seen these caverns in front of, it’s in addition crucial to analyze them down. Not only can their huge proportions present vertigo, however they often times have actually actually an entire world inside among these which you most likely never recognized was in reality feasible.

Inside these cave techniques, might spot clouds, fog and mist.

Cates Tactics Department

Venturing towards caverns is an epic travel… one you must certainly not simply take if you are scared of quantities.

Cates Ideas Department

All the caverns had been employed by nitrate miners, but an enormous quantity was in reality unexplored.

Cates Recommendations Division

Cloud Ladder Hall covers 12 kilometers in addition to the roofing, covered with fog, is especially about 820 feet-high.

Cates Ideas Department

Much like caverns, Er Wang Dong had numerous personal pools and submerged places, which explorers needed seriously to monitor if it absolutely was raining to start with.

Cates Tactics Department
Cates Ideas Division

I am hoping he stuffed some range.

Cates News Division
Cates Ideas Division

I might myself really yourselfn’t look-down successfully was undeniably you…

Cates Tactics Division

Er Wang Dong cave formed in Lower Ordovician limestone. It is within close size to a different huge cave system, the San Wang Dong caverns.

Cates Ideas Division
Cates Recommendations Division
Cates Tips Division

“huge” merely doesn’t test this justice.

Cates Tactics Division

(H/T For Which Cool Things Happen)

In my opinion by which I am going after that celebration We perform hide-and-seek.

This cave system ended up being only based in the earlier few many years. Think of how many other treasures and new life kinds are concealing inside (and all sorts of types of all over the world, in addition). Share these impressive caverns and other individuals by hitting the Share switch another.

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These Are Some Of The Best Phone Apps That You Probably Aren’t Using.

All of us are basically glued to our phones for 95% of the day. There are many reasons why we can’t peel our eyes away from those bright little screens. Maybe we are staying on top of work, keeping in touch with loved ones or just checking for updates and the latest apps. 

If you’re interested in the latest and greatest applications for your smartphone, look no more. Maybe you haven’t heart of these before, but trust us, you won’t want to forget them.

1.) Lyft

Lyft is a rideshare service that may just replace cab companies, and for good reason. If you need a ride somewhere, simply click on the app and find a driver in your proximity. You can see their name, pictures of them and their car, and their driver rating given by previous passengers. Request a ride, and you’re all set.

2.) Triposo

This travel app provides you with several sight seeing options. Along with providing suggestions of things to see, Triposo can build a city walk for you, based on the amount of time you want to spend ambling about. Most usefully, it works offline.

3.) Cloze

Cloze integrates all of your social media accounts into one – Facebook, Twitter, Email, and even LinkedIn. Gone are the days of checking 4 different websites for messages and comments. Download Cloze and you can get all of your everything in one place.

4.) Pocket

If there is an article you want to read or a video you want to watch but don’t have time for it, Pocket is a place for you to save content for later. Save something to Pocket, and the app organizes it in an easy to search, easy to find way.

5.) Skyview

With SkyView, you can take your device outside, stare up at the heavens, and discover precisely what stars and planets you’re looking at. If it’s a bit cold out, you can do the same from inside, or partake in a bit of time traveling, checking out the sky on different times and dates.

6.) 30/30

30/30 is a to-do list app that organizes tasks via color coordination and an icon. It makes you completing your daily tasks that much simpler.

7.) Around Me

AroundMe uses your phone’s GPS system to find what’s closest to you. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, gas station, a coffee, or even a place to park, this app will point you to the most convenient establishments.

8.) Mailbox

This app makes checking and organizing e-mails on your phone quicker and more intuitive all with the swipe of a finger. Using the swipe motion you can delete, reply, or mark as read. Even better, you can set a reminder to respond to an e-mail later.

9.) Snapseed

For creative enhancements to photographs, it’s hard to beat Snapseed. You choose an adjustment type – such as ‘black & white’ or ‘tilt-shift’ – and the app provides you with a gestural interface for making adjustments. Dragging on the screen defines focal points and the strength of effects, ensuring Snapseed is both intuitive and fun to use.

10.) Waze

Waze is a GPS navigation app that actually was bought by Google because it was so good. Like any navigation app, Waze will get you from point A to point B via the quickest route. However, the app sets itself apart by incorporating a community aspect to get the most accurate traffic reports. See an accident? Police trap? Road debris? Report it on Waze, earn points on your account, and level up.

11.) Gympact

Gympact is a great motivational fitness app. How does it work? Make a commitment to your fitness by choosing how many days you will work out that week. Next, choose the amount of money you are willing to wager in favor of you fulfilling your commitment. If you don’t achieve your goal? Your credit card gets charged. Achieve your goal? You get paid! The days of being paid to workout have finally come!

12.) Todomovies 3

This app organizes movies that you want to see that haven’t come out yet. Each film’s page includes a trailer and artwork, and can be added to your list with a tap. Once you’ve watched a film, you can rate it and send it to your Watched list, providing you with a portable directory of films you love – and those you hate and want to avoid ever seeing again!

13.) Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight works with hotels that have empty rooms, who then list the rooms on their app at discounted prices of up to 70%. How does it work? Narrow down your search by picking categories like hip, luxe, or basic, enter in how many days you will be staying, and search through their extensive inventory. Not only does Hotel Tonight guarantee the lowest rates, but they only work with the best of the best.

14.) Hot5

From abs and core to yoga and flexibility and everything in between, Hot5 contains pages and pages of 5 minute video workouts of every variety and difficulty level. If you want to do 5 minute abs after a run, Hot5 is for you. If you want to do a 45 minute full body workout, mix and match to create your own personalized routine. This pick and choose system makes it great for beginners and fitness gurus alike.

These apps will definitely improve the quality of your life and your phone’s life (so long as you use them properly). Be sure to check these out in the Appstore and get them immediately!

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You Need To See How This Teen Documented His Battle With Cancer. So Moving.

In 2013, Michael Tatalovich was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Using his Instagram account, he shared his experience battling cancer with the world. At first, he only took the pictures to keep his friends and family up to date on his condition. Shortly after that, he realized that his decision to document his journey meant a lot to complete strangers. Tatalovich’s decision to show the ups and downs really shines a light on what it’s like to go through what he did. Looking at the photographs can be emotionally draining, but it’s important to understand what someone in his situation goes through. Take a look.  

Tatalovich early on in his treatment.

In the hospital.

His hair loss as a result of chemo.

Gotta stay positive…and warm.

His hospital wristband.

A massive scar from a surgery.

Tatalovich resting.

One of the amazing portraits that bravely show the fragile state his body was in.

A beautifully shot image that captures the support he received from friends and family.

Hanging out.

Tatalovich and friends.

Tatalovich and a furry friend.

Part of the treatment.

Tatalovich as the homecoming king.

(via PetaPixel)

What a journey. Tatalovich was able to beat cancer and now lives a normal life as a college student. While he no longer has to deal with the illness, paying the medical bills is still a huge struggle. You can help him out by donating to his Go Fund Me.

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