Gaza parents title infant ‘Knife of Jerusalem’

A Palestinian family in Gaza features obviously named their newborn child “Knife of Jerusalem” to honor the terrorists stabbing Jews throughout Israel:

Media watchdog MEMRI translated a development report where the father explained just how “Knife of Jerusalem” got their unique name, saying it had been the “least he could do” showing “solidarity with this particular women and men to the western Bank and Jerusalem.”



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Hamas-affiliated imam vows to ‘exterminate’ all Israelis!/RBPundit/status/497822250062848001

Film via MEMRI:

The Times of Israel:

A Hamas-affiliated imam in Gaza said the staff will “exterminate” Jews, and established an anti-Semitic diatribe in a sermon broadcast on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa television destination.

“Our doctrine in-fighting you (the Jews) is we are going to entirely exterminate you,” he states. “we will perhaps not hold one individuals alive, while you’re alien usurpers of land and endless mercenaries.”

CNN anchor Jake Tapper called interest to the vile views to their Twitter feed:!/jaketapper/status/497820579794538496

Exceptionally the humanitarian!!/danielgrauer/status/497821743512576001!/Kozmocostello/status/497820910598881280

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David Draiman features a kick-ass message about MSM & anti-Semites!/Tal_Ginzel/status/491278326284431360

Disrupted and Device vocalist David Draiman features undoubtedly actually committed his / her Twitter supply to encouraging Israel and smacking down Hamas propaganda. And he’s had it with all the b.s. through “mainstream development, anti-Semites, propagandists, and attackers of Israel.”





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Wait, what? Gay ISIS-themed celebration in Israel facing criticism!/amdhit/status/514100490427457536


ISIS-themed Israeli gay celebration uses beheading photos for promo

— Routine Intelligencer (@intelligencer) September 22, 2014

The Washington Post has actually much more:

Israel’s Ynet reported regarding the celebration promoter’s satire:

Publishing the images online to Drek’s Twitter page, the organizers blogged “as the newest Islamic State gains traction in the centre East, we at Drek decided to give directly into Sharia law and cheer the stubborn Daesh,” utilizing the Arab acronym for the group, and invoking a veiled play on words – “stubborn” in Hebrew may be written as “hard necked,” a mention of the group’s infamous executions.

Because Islamic supremacists killing Jewish reporters is always great material for a joke?

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Progressive Caucus Chair: Netanyahu Speech To Congress An “Insult”

“Him insulting the presidency and siding with the Republicans and coming in to give that talk to a joint session, I think it smacks of politics.”

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Progressive Caucus co-chairman Rep. Raul Grijalva Monday called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned address to a joint session of Congress an “insult.”

The Democrat from Arizona has previously said he will not attend the speech.

“Him insulting the presidency and siding with the Republicans and coming in to give that talk to a joint session, I think it smacks of politics,” Grijalva said on Sirius XM’s The Agenda in a radio interview. “It smacks of convenience, his election is a week away in Israel. And I for one am not going to contribute to that insult. There’s a protocol and Mr. Boehner is not in charge of foreign policy for this nation. The president is in charge of that and whether you like Obama or not, that’s the process.”

Grijalva said “it’s up to every individual” to decide if they wanted to attend the speech.

“You’ve had colleagues like John Lewis, Mr. Conyers…I’ve heard of other names but I don’t want to use them because, uh, at least those two are public say, ‘I’m not attending.’ And I that’s an individual choice each member should make.”

“Personally, I’m not attending, for myself, and that’s not a Progressive Caucus position or are we whipping them to do that,” he added. “I think each member has to. I’ve felt the prime minister’s intrusion into 2012, in practically endorsing Romney in that election was again an interference in the internal politics of a nation.”

The congressman cited the protocol followed by the Pope to set up an address to Congress later this year as evidence Netanyhu was breaking protocol by speaking to Congress without the president’s approval.

“If it’s good enough for the pope it should be good enough for the prime minister.”


This article originally gave the wrong state Grijalva represents in Congress. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_article_correction_time_4942738”).innerHTML = UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(‘2015-02-10 21:02:03 -0500’, ‘update’); });

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