How convenient! MSM ignores that trapped scientists were researching climate change!/NolteNC/status/419146572694183937

There’s been quite a bit of buzz lately about the plight of scientists trapped in Antarctic ice. But if you were relying purely on the MSM for news, you may very well have missed the fact that those scientists were climate change researchers. For some inexplicable reason, MSMers left that little detail out of their reports.!/ABC7/status/419047512746385408

CBS opted for the “passengers” designation as well:!/CBSNews/status/419120292997656576

As did NBC, which also referred to the researchers as “voyagers”:!/NBCNews/status/419080766744952834

Even Fox News linked to an Associated Press report that revealed only that the “passengers” were scientists — but not what type of scientists they were:!/FoxNews/status/418733496811913216

In fact, NewsBusters reported that between December 25 and January 2, only one out of 41 network morning and evening reports made any mention of the purpose of the expedition.

What’s up with that?!/RC5ipple/status/419153115745513472!/bocabelo/status/419112004108816384!/CoolCzech1/status/419106933401214976

Do your job, media.!/charlescwcooke/status/419145944744353792!/charlescwcooke/status/419146045520896000



Climate change scientist whose ship got stuck in ice live-tweets rescue [Vine, video]

Key question! Global warming activists rescued from icebound ship, but what about this?

‘Bittersweet irony’: Ship that rescued trapped climate change researchers may be stuck in ice

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Guess exactly what John Kerry ensures is supposed getting top focus of ‘diplomatic attempts’!/TheRightWingM/status/514061723704107008

That’ll tv program ‘em!

Secretary of State John Kerry features reiterated their particular pledge to hold centering on real menace these days:

At NYC Climate Week gathering, @JohnKerry statements that Climate Change in many cases are "front and center for most of diplomatic attempts."

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) September 22, 2014

Fundamentally the look of prioritizing we’ve reach anticipate making use of this management:

@markknoller @JohnKerry oh great. Thrilled to see you're centering within the many really efficient problems…

— Kerry (@kerryjgriff) September 22, 2014

@markknoller @JohnKerry it truly is simply the biggest fraudulence. Hypocrites, phonies and socialists.

— Thomas Jones (@twjones1) September 22, 2014

.@markknoller He the 2nd –> @JohnKerry talks from their butt.

— MaxR.S (@Randy_Shannon) September 22, 2014

.@markknoller @JohnKerry this could easily reassure our allies bordering Russia.

— Insolent Puppy (@InsolentPuppy) September 22, 2014

@markknoller @JohnKerry Actually, yes, most likely, you won’t need certainly to pay attention to anything GENUINE #tcot #anothersocialistsubterfuge #tcot Ice Age upcoming?

— Libertybelle01 (@libertygirl01) September 22, 2014

@markknoller @JohnKerry Ask Mr Kerry how much CO2 his or her jet creates Every second it flies. He's an ignorant conceited poser, if he does'nt comprehend

— Badnikl (@Badnikl) September 22, 2014

So far Kerry’s want to get a handle on along every person’s carbon impact wont integrate a critical reduction in their unique carbon result.



‘Great moments in tone deafness’: John Kerry alerts of ‘threat furthermore great to ignore’

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Did the gran of Miami seashore merely expose that globally heating is manageable?!/BillyCorben/status/519949496676278273

Hey, parking yards are tough, but below’s Miami seashore Mayor Philip Levine declaring “victory” if you’re through “first struggle” against increasing seas. Extraordinary blade within challenge is a $400+ million infrastructure task that finished floods in just one of most readily useful locations in Miami:

It’s really-truly efficient about preliminary challenge towards correctly is needed become a protracted war against sea-level enhance. @MiamiHerald @joeflech

— Mayor Philip Levine (@MayorLevine) October 9, 2014

The reason why yes, its remarkable that should you substitute your city’s old and rotting empties with another system, floods are preserved.

Today we besides missed our when examining the picture preliminary gathering.

@MayorLevine @DanJWeiss @MiamiHerald @joeflech Extra solar power driven energy technology function energy technology technology panels – that will virtually correct it!

— Elijah Zarlin (@elijahion) October 9, 2014

Ha! solar energy driven power driven power-driven power-driven power methods will fix an unbelievable aspect. (check right back around at any time initial unique violent hard violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent violent storm assaults through, nonetheless. Coconuts and solar driven energy operated energy technology technology technology technology panels don’t bundle.)

its hours the the is persuaded after gran at their particular “victory”:

.@MayorLevine @MikeGrunwald @MiamiHerald @joeflech As a result, the issue are generally fixed for beginners one-year. What's this method for after 50 or 100?

— John Janik (@jjanik) October 9, 2014

This percentage of Miami seashore achieves truth really positively offered prominently if you are through ny times on a regular basis this present one year, with Al Gore chiming in:

“Sea amount boost is our truth in Miami seashore.” Efficient terms from Mayor Philip Levine:

— Al Gore (@algore) May 8, 2014

Utilizing this some assistance from a gathering:

@algore#globalwarming is a lie ! WE HAVE BEEN COOLING ! Which we have been fracing at 15000 ft , u no-cost!

— U-YEN (@UYENeffect) May 8, 2014

SIMPLY! In Miami, the core for issue could authorities frontrunners which will make it quick for building of frameworks in places they state will flood. Like, our groundbreaking technology museum in Miami Beach is getting included a global-warming floods destination truly base from Biscayne Bay:


Most likely technology museum producers are anti-science?



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