‘When he’s finished Chris Dorner’s name gonna be frozen in Black History month forever’


Mover over, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks.

To some Twitter users, triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner is what Black History Month is really all about:

Christopher Dorner if you readin this you my nigga, It’s black history month so keep runnin for your freedom BLOOD!

— Young Blood Blood (@OnBloods) February 8, 2013

Dorner chose to do this in Black History Month & this for sure gonna be history!

— February10th. (@Calhounnn) February 8, 2013

Black history month at its finest #dorner

— Diamond League Banx (@DLMGBANX) February 7, 2013

You can put Dorner down in the Black History books!

— SHOWBIZNESS (@RockyMoxiano) February 7, 2013

Praying for CD yea Chris Dorner he made history this black history month

— SHANERRA&LAWRENCE (@blessedchapters) February 8, 2013

Dedicated to an Unexpected Black History Month HERO: Christopher Dorner nblo.gs/I41rO

— IBNN News (@IBNNNEWS) February 8, 2013

Bulletproof love to Chris Dorner. Happy Black History Month

— Xavier D Woods (@LL_Cool_X) February 8, 2013


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