How convenient! MSM ignores that trapped scientists were researching climate change!/NolteNC/status/419146572694183937

There’s been quite a bit of buzz lately about the plight of scientists trapped in Antarctic ice. But if you were relying purely on the MSM for news, you may very well have missed the fact that those scientists were climate change researchers. For some inexplicable reason, MSMers left that little detail out of their reports.!/ABC7/status/419047512746385408

CBS opted for the “passengers” designation as well:!/CBSNews/status/419120292997656576

As did NBC, which also referred to the researchers as “voyagers”:!/NBCNews/status/419080766744952834

Even Fox News linked to an Associated Press report that revealed only that the “passengers” were scientists — but not what type of scientists they were:!/FoxNews/status/418733496811913216

In fact, NewsBusters reported that between December 25 and January 2, only one out of 41 network morning and evening reports made any mention of the purpose of the expedition.

What’s up with that?!/RC5ipple/status/419153115745513472!/bocabelo/status/419112004108816384!/CoolCzech1/status/419106933401214976

Do your job, media.!/charlescwcooke/status/419145944744353792!/charlescwcooke/status/419146045520896000



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