21 Hilarious Tweets By Celebrity Parents

Kids don’t care if you’re a rock star but they do care if you packed a snack.

1. When Olivia Wilde welcomed her son into the world:

2. And when she learned what it’s like to change a baby boy:

3. When Hilary Duff had “one of those days” while shopping with her kid:

4. When Jim Gaffigan spoke the truth about snow days:

5. And when he got a little philosophical:

6. When Jenny Mollen struggled with the idea of her son growing up:

Struck by the horrific realization that my son might not want me to be his prom date. Hopefully, I can at least go with one of his friends.

— jennyandteets (@Jenny Mollen)

7. When Snooki “handled” this breast-feeding nightmare:

To my fellow BF moms- do you ever forget your pump & have to manually pump yourself?! ✋I just did. #milkservice #thirstyanyone #humancow ðŸ„ðŸ„ðŸ„

— snooki (@Nicole Polizzi)

8. When Conan O’Brien embraced his role as his children’s first teacher:

Just taught my kids about taxes by eating 38% of their ice cream.

— ConanOBrien (@Conan O’Brien)

9. And when Joel McHale probably regretted giving his kids sugar:

My kids & friends r playing in a fake grocery store scaled 2 their size. Mayhem. Its like that scene in Red Dawn right b4 they leave town.

— joelmchale (@Joel McHale)

10. When Mario Lopez articulated this all-too-real struggle:

Trying to explain to Gia that farts aren’t polite or funny. But I feel like a hypocrite because they’re totally funny… #StruggleIsReal

— MarioLopezExtra (@Mario Lopez)

11. When it was (or wasn’t) nap time at Alyson Hannigan’s house:

Why don’t kids understand that their nap is not for them but for us?

— alydenisof (@alyson hannigan)

12. When Pink reflected on how her life has changed since becoming a mom:

my life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes… now it’s snot, tears, and the color of poop. #bliss

— Pink (@P!nk)

13. And when Kelly Clarkson marveled at the fact that she IS a mom:

I still can’t believe I made a human. #topthat #firstglassofwineintenmonths #pump&dump 🙂

— kelly_clarkson (@Kelly Clarkson)

14. When Neil Patrick Harris shared this “we’ve all been there” moment:

Up until 2am constructing a table with wooden trains for Gideon and all he wants to do is play with a broom. #MerryXmas

— ActuallyNPH (@Neil Patrick Harris)

15. When Busy Philipps was finally able to stop stressing over preschool admissions:

Guys, with GREAT pride I tell you this: Birdie got into preschool. So, our job as parents is done, right? Right?

— Busyphilipps25 (@Busy Philipps)

16. When Michael Ian Black suffered from Frozen fatigue:

Watching “Frozen” again with my daughter because we paid $19.99 to download it so she’s going to fucking watch it every day until college.

— michaelianblack (@Michael Ian Black)

17. And when he decided he wasn’t one of those parents who let their kid win:

Currently kicking my daughter’s ass at Piano Tiles. I am her superior.

— michaelianblack (@Michael Ian Black)

18. When “the sickness” hit Tori Spelling’s house:

The sneezing in my house began at 6am. Must be the morning after Halloween. They always get sick. #AtLeastWeHaveConsistency

— Tori_Spelling (@Tori Spelling)

19. When Mel B was deep in the school drop-off grind:

After all the #morninghayhem this just happened on the drive to school,I mean really

— OfficialMelB (@Melanie Brown)

20. When parenting kept Anna Faris humble:

245 pm. My son just told me I had a mustache like daddy’s. #ThanksgivingThrowdown

— AnnaKFaris (@Anna Faris)

21. And when Christina Applegate tweeted the kind of thing we’ve all thought, but kept to ourselves:

Only one plug working in my house. Do I charge the baby monitor or my phone. Asshole dilemma

— 1capplegate (@christina applegate)

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