Community Post: Which “The Walking Dead” Character Would You Survive The Apocalypse With?

You might have a higher chance surviving with one of these seasoned pros by your side.

1. You’re up against the horde and will need some help.

    1. Shelter
    2. Food and water
    3. Medical supplies
    4. Weapons
    5. People
    6. A getaway vehicle
    7. Camping supplies
    8. Maps
    1. AMC
    2. AMC
    1. AMC
    2. AMC
    1. AMC
    2. AMC
    1. AMC
    2. AMC
    1. Barcelona
    2. Paris
    3. Seoul
    4. Sydney
    5. Los Angeles
    6. Cancún
    7. Vancouver
    8. Buenos Aires
    1. Pitchfork
    2. Knife
    1. Gun
    2. Crossbow
    1. Pick-Axe
    2. Machete
    1. Katana
    2. Baseball Bat
    1. Via Terminator
      Mad Max
    2. I am Legend
    3. World War Z
    1. WALL-E
    2. Zombieland
    3. Warm Bodies
    1. 28 Days Later
    2. The Road
    1. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
    2. Thriller – Michael Jackson
    3. Blank Space – Taylor Swift
    4. The Monster – Eminem feat. Rihanna
    5. The Living Dead – Phantom Planet
    6. Zombie Jamboree – Kingston Trio
    7. I Lived – One Republic
    8. I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons
    1. AMC
    1. AMC
    2. AMC
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