Bill Clinton’s spittle steals the show!/MancowMuller/status/243542484263776256

Many audiences found it hard to pay attention to past President Bill Clinton’s DNC meeting target because of the little white glob of spittle in right-side of lips.

I need to state I undoubtedly desires Clinton to improve that fleck of spittle through the appropriate number due to their mouth. Viscerally distracting.

— Shannon Proudfoot (@sproudfoot) September 6, 2012

That fleck of spittle/foam on quantity to Clinton's lips is operating me personally peanuts. #dnc2012

— Fern Hill (@fernhilldammit) September 6, 2012

I must recognize #Clinton has actually in fact in fact undoubtedly in fact spittle with regards to proper location which distracting. Dry lips. If you have that, hold water of good use. Wipe on pause. #DNC

— Karlyn Lothery (@Prepare2Speak) September 6, 2012

Oh Jesus, Clinton white spittle on mouth corner… Ugh.

— Leigh Scott (@bankdraft) September 6, 2012

People because of the fact spittle on right-side of Clinton's lips?

— Joe Luppino-Esposito (@avgjoele) September 6, 2012

clinton possesses its own spittle stuck instead of their unique mouth. i can't focus.

— ∞BATTYJACK∞ (@Battyjack_DJ) September 6, 2012

The curse of high-definition tv: can't take my eyes from spittle on place of Clinton's mouth. Just how comen't Hilary signalling? #dnc2012

— Peter Bailey (@Libarbarian) September 6, 2012

Bill Clinton, I really like what you may're saying under, but kindly cleanse the area in connection with lips. Your spittle is distracting myself from your terms.

— Eric E (@ericediss) September 6, 2012

Fast! some body tell the teleprompter operator!

The teleprompter operator must tip-off Bill Clinton that there's old-man spittle gathering simply of the mouth. #DNC2012

— Sacha Brady (@zigged) September 6, 2012

Dear DNC teleprompter operator: do Bill Clinton a fantastic and include (WIPE ICKY WHITE SPITTLE FROM CORNER OF MOUTH) for their prompter. Thank-you.

— Jennifer Burke (@JenniferB_ctv) September 6, 2012

Or some one should only upsurge in all sincerity the following and wipe it well:

Bill Clinton's killing it, you create particular you wipe that spittle through host to the mouth #DNC2012

— Alex Colangelo (@AlexColangelo) September 6, 2012

I prefer President Bill Clinton, you have to wipe that spittle from proper number with regards to their mouth. It's perhaps not falling-off! #DNC

— David Brody (@David_Brody) September 6, 2012

Are often we confident it’s spittle?

Tartar sauce from green-room Filet o' Fish RT @bankdraft: Oh Jesus, Clinton white spittle on mouth corner… Ugh.

— Chris Thomas (@RealtyNerd) September 6, 2012

Huge Mac mayo! @MancowMuller: Clinton cleanse the spittle once you consider the appropriate host to your certain mouth !”

— intellwatch (@intellwatch) September 6, 2012

Heck, why-not:

Does Clinton's lips spittle have actually actually actually definitely a-twitter account however? #DNC

— posterdan™ (@posterdan) September 6, 2012


@MissyCarter Yes, we examined. It will probably. #DNC2012

— Clinton Spittle (@ClintonSpittle) September 6, 2012

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