Police learn possible cinema shooting copycat in Ohio


Authorities in Westlake, Ohio, are usually examining someone who was truly concluded Saturday-night trying to create a handgun and a lot of knives into a showing of “The deep Knight Rises.”

MUGSHOT: authorities state Scott Smith established backpack w/ sources into 'Dark Knight' at Crocker Park cinema http://t.co/boCLqz3J

— WEWS NewsChannel5 (@WEWS) August 7, 2012

Authorities state Scott A. Smith, 37, of North Ridgeville, Ohio, was at reality determined at Crocker Park Regal Cinemas and searched by an off-duty officer who noticed questionable behavior. Smith had been found with a loaded 9mm Glock handgun and two extra mags of 17 rounds each, and four knives. Reports concern he previously been already taken into custody without occasion and charged today with keeping a concealed gun, among numerous rates.

Kudos into off-duty officer and manager which nabbed this product keeping guy @ the Crocker Park Regal Cinemas Saturday-night.

— Cleveland Press (@clevelandpress) August 7, 2012

Guy arrested for smuggling satchel of knives, a firearm, and ammo on Crocker Park Regal Theater in CLE? When's this insanity gonna end?

— Shawn Hartle (@Shawn_Hartle) August 7, 2012


Gunman at Crocker playground… its striking to close to accommodate! What exactly is wrong with this particular world!? #WeNeedJesus

— Sam Kamnikar (@SamKamnikar) August 7, 2012

Another guy arrested for taking resources to crocker playing area cinema. swear this world is full of enthusiast situations. & ironically they r all men.

— sheena shamblin (@sheenaniganns) August 7, 2012

Police issue Smith joined up with the movie cinema early and took a “tactical location” resistant towards straight back wall surface of cinema.

Prepared suspect sat in tactical place before Batman movie at Crocker Park's Regal Cinema per Westlake Police

— Paul Kiska (@PaulKiska) August 7, 2012

Huge story of the time: N. Ridgeville friend, father introduced resources into Westlake cinema in the event, sat in "tactical position" http://t.co/XpwFBNGD

— Mike Waterhouse (@MikeWaterhouse) August 7, 2012

Smith features undoubtedly a partner and 1-year-old youngster. Westlake Authorities Detective Lieutenant Ray Arcuri said authorities searched their residence and found many tools, including seven rifles, five or six handguns, a good amount of ammo, fuel masks and bulletproof vests.

White folks have formally moved BatShit Insane… Crocker Park crazy planning to murder batman followers

— Major Gains (@E_RayTheHipster) August 7, 2012


Smith is predicted becoming arraigned Wednesday. Also, FBI and ATF associates usually are assisting in evaluation.

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