Twitter functions enjoyable with White residence yearly Easter egg roll

Oh, great one, Mark! The White residence is pulling-out most of the stops, with a few accidental hilarity, and indeed it also’s getting covered keep on Twitter. Follow @JakeTapper and @MarkKnoller for all from the information since it occurs.


POTUS provides "the one definitely responsible," the 1st girl.

— Michael Hastings (@mmhastings) April 9, 2012

"i think the president will most likely it is vital to overcome a three-year old" in an Easter egg roll, she joked.

— Michael Hastings (@mmhastings) April 9, 2012

Aww, the President is childishly competitive! This might make understanding; it fits their unique puerile petulance.

Tweeps demonstrably come through with some essential snark.

Joe Biden IS huge. RT @markknoller: Pres Obama only offered the Easter Bunny a high-five. The bunny's due to the fact huge as Pres Obama.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) April 9, 2012

Isn't today a workday? MT @markknoller Obama shoots hoops in online game that really calls for 2 push ups if you miss. Mr Obama performed 6 push ups presently.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) April 9, 2012!/sfbjax/status/189375232803471360

A short while later a gov't inspector confiscated the eggs for levels of cholesterol. #lipidleggin' | MT @markknoller: …Mrs Obama started the WH Easter Egg Roll…

— Phil Elmore (@Phil_Elmore) April 9, 2012

You give you advice will find real EGGS at White residence Easter Egg Roll? For which have-been the ECONOMY within White household #WomenEconForum? #waronwomen

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) April 9, 2012

Jake Tapper, a Sendak enthusiast.

POTUS reading "where indeed the crazy Things Are" to kids in WH Easter Roll. SENDAK !!!

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) April 9, 2012

Also at an Easter egg roll, Obama reveals their particular real colors.

POTUS gets up before he completes the guide, FLOTUS starts reading a completely numerous guide.

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) April 9, 2012

Whoops! Regularly inexperienced.

Wha? RT @jaketapper: WH Easter Egg Roll features a baseball medical center for youngsters — get the greater part of the balls made use of

— jon gabriel (@exjon) April 9, 2012

As well as on an average foundation campaigning. It’s regarding the Benjamins, youngster. Truly, if Benjamins are at truth ballots. Although, it appears as though he’s spending a few Benjamins getting ballots.

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