Lackluster crowds for Obama campaign events

Saturday was the first official day of campaign speeches for President Obama. He spoke to Ohio State University students before traveling to Virginia for an event. One of the things that made his 2008 campaign so successful was the enormity of each crowd he spoke to. If today is an indication, those attendance numbers will drop significantly this time around.

RT @MarkLandler: Obama in Columbus. Crowd count: 14,000. Arena capacity: 18,300.

— Jeff Zeleny (@jeffzeleny) May 5, 2012

Obama launches campaign at U of Ohio to 1/2 empty hall…expected overflow crowd. Someone's not too happy with BO & its name is OHIO.

— PolitixGal (@PolitixGal) May 5, 2012

The ppl who r in Obama's crowds r 1.Paid 2.Young & STOOPID 3.Paid 4.Rubberneckers to a car crash. 5.Paid. 6. ILLEGAL 7. JUST PLAIN STUPID.

— Annie (@bloodless_coup) May 5, 2012

✔✔✔OBAMA LAUNCHES CAMPAIGN in a HALF-EMPTY ARENA ➤➤Moved people to project a larger crowd on television⬅⬅ http://t.co/sGXotqId

— VICTORY! (@USVICTORY) May 5, 2012


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