I didn’t deserve this… (My Lamborghini is RUINED)

Oh Early in the morning come here okay What’s going on guys, papa rug here, mama rug here, it’s crazy Okay, it’s early in the morning, we wake up early to do the biggest prank ever on brian, oh? oh my god i dont know.it was his idea So pretty, no, oh just put it on yeah it’s. Okay, but i talked, about how. Much and how Many, times, Brian, pranks me i always, think i get him Back but this is gonna tap all of them he deserved it you guys please don’t hate on me he, did so much to me What are we gonna, do it’s crazy i don’t know. I don’t know i’m still thinking about back’in out In the morning, waking up early in the morning thinking, about this Okay, so i took the Lambo last night i went out i come back later park it over here on purpose so And what happened when? He left it outside, oh my god? We’re too scared to do it but i’m gonna do it you know Why, we’re scared? because you guys know. How much this Beauty means to Brian, Brian, loved his Lambo i swear i see him in the morning with the towel Like wiping, off any little thing what are we gonna, do it’s crazy, go bring, it i’m, sorry, brian if you’re Watching i’m sorry but you kind of deserve it for what.

You do to me so paybacks a b**ch ..And now its happening? i’m freezing, my, ass off. its okay. Okay so… I’m still in my pajamas We’re, gonna spray paint The car, the lambo, oh, my, god we’re gonna, spray the lambo with carolight. like what do they call it? vala. valazight? valadize it? Vandalism i guess you guys, don’t vandalize anything we’re doing this but, we read this one you can, wash it off but there’s no Way i don’t think so i don’t know, no i? I looked for it i searched for it even when i bought em I asked the guy and he said yes It’s washable, yeah because you cannot this is crazy to still to do this on the so um worst comes to worst We heard the brian about a week ago, saying. He might change his wrap so if he even changes it, don’t take it off you who knows if we’re, gonna, damage it or not i don’t know i mean i hopefully this would But come on we have to do it come on think, about all the things he did to you Okay, a, year back let’s do it did you go here yeah i did, oh, my, god let’s break it even though.

We’re gonna write the word F U I’m sorry i’m sorry for him, we’re gonna ron, be careful be careful be careful be careful how how, you gonna No Way. It’s okay it’s, okay go go go, go, we have to it’s a prank you know it’s a i can do it no, okay? U, u, yeah just the letter U Go, now i’m scared, no i’m okay, okay, okay can i do can i do something no. i need, a different color i need, a different color come on oh come on that’s not If people see you doing this they’re, gonna call on us i swear to god. go go, go Okay, yes you suck yeah Okay, okay? On the handle Ron how are you gonna freakin you know it looks kind of good nice Ron nice job okay? Um what else what else what else no, i regret it i’m sorry? just quit Q U I yeah q because its you doing it Whoa, looking good yeah? Somebody’s walking their dog hurry, hurry, why, you got you you have to put them to you i t i t Okay, i want to do something, oh my god? Okay on top on top do it like Oh hold on hold on there’s a car coming there is a car i’m scared i’m scared i’m scared seriously i’m scared than might call on us three x’s maybe bigger bigger, bigger oh okay i Swear Ron is creative, oh hey, guys, faze rug here sorry to interrupt the video but i just can’t i Cannot edit this without saying something right now so yes guys i’m sitting here editing, my video watching my parents my parents Spray paint, my freakin lamborghini, now, do you guys, realize, how, much that hurts like Yes the paint is washable it is just a prank but Just watching, them spray-paint the lambo i know i have a bunch of car, fanatics out there if this hurts You, watching just as much as it hurts for me to watch i’m gonna need you all to smash that like Button, man like this is torture editing this video and you, guys are, going to see my reaction to the finished product They’re, still they’re, not even close to being done right now so just just continue watching the video i can’t believe i Agreed to do this seriously this is The Lambo is washable, yeah, yeah, that’s true Go, oh shit there’s somebody Just sit sit sit sit..

Hold on let them walk go go go i Think, that’s enough damage ron you, guys, look, what we did to the lambo we’re so freakin crazy, and I think i’m gonna go upstairs with him to wake him up maybe another F U here That’s it that’s it this is enough you guys look? You, want to write bitch or no, no no, okay look guys, we turn in this car into Like i don’t know Wow this side is bad this side is really bad just write like in a blue. B**ch Over here, sorry i’m sorry as you, guys can, see this is terrible, okay go go, wake him up come on oh hold on oh no? We have to set up the camera to see his reaction this is bad this is really bad i swear? Yeah, okay can you please go, wake him up Set up the camera, okay we’re, gonna set the camera if we weren’t crazy parents we wouldn’t be doing this but like i said he did so much to me, but this is the worst Really, i would get so mad if it was me okay okay so we have to see yeah ron is more scared okay Sorry, yeah it’s.

Your fault all right guys, let, me see, okay i’m not ready to go but, we have to go hold on okay i I-I Just, want to get it over with i’m not gonna even go upstairs You go you go. I’m scared Nice brian we’re, gonna set up a camera in the front of the door Seriously i want to say i didn’t do it, is that good But i am Brian, Brian Brian Wake up, wake up, oh, wake up there’s something that happened outside.

What happened, oh my god Let’s go downstairs please come on hurry you, won’t believe what happened, oh my god I cant tell you t’ill you See – i was like what happened Why, is it outside? are you actually, kidding me How, do people get in here okay how, many are you actually F***ing serious? My fault i didn’t have the garage opener so i went from the door and i i feel lazy i was so tired i feel lazy to Put it in the garage but, that never happened how Many can, we leave our car but do this you know, what i don’t know, what to say, oh? We were even scared to come and tell you because ron felt, guilty he said on official canonical show up enough its not his i don’t How are people getting into our f***ing community i parked, my car, every single time in the garage It’s my, fault i look for the garage opener i didn’t take it so i’m sure and i know, what does it say you? they damaged the car i know We need, to get cameras for overnight i don’t care from the Thing they’re, not, opened now but but, what are you f***ing Kidding me do they, say something Whats S U S K Okay, oh and it’s a? Good, what hold on what on earth do i do to F***ing people that they, want to come spray-paint my car Not only that thing that, we live in a gated community for a reason, we should feel feel safe to park our cars outside That’s Not, fair that’s not fair What the F*** I Didn’t do anything to deserve this i literally didn’t do anything Was the right i mean any go any of ours people on our property that shouldn’t be a thing and let, alone doing this Is it that much hate in their heart to come and ruin your lambo, i don’t know i’m gonna get the footage what about this deserve I’m saying, we need cameras on our? Property property, not just out in the front they don’t do s*** here What are we gonna do with this I don’t know I mean At least it doesn’t damage the real paint Like this is just my wrap but, i like this wrap, i me to do this is not only that this is a? They, come, they came i know you don’t know, what else they’re, gonna do next No Ron whoever did this deserves to get punished i know that’s, what i say, okay? You, gonna, punish them really good yourself no no Because you’re, gonna punish dad so bad that he deserves it You, park it outside you, spray-painted and I Did why are you guys laughing you said you’re, gonna punish whoever did it hes Next to you Why’d you guys spray paint it Good morning Brian i know.

You didn’t, want to wake up to this but today is a special, day Yes today, we got your car wrapped that’s not a prank No just a prank No, no because we bought a paint it said washable and we can take it off so Hopefully, now, we don’t know It says goes away No Ron no you don’t scare, me i’m leaving now Oh, brian have you heard something say payback, is what it’s what it’s, what i get it okay? Seven in the damn morning you know How scared, we don’t leave, this you know, what just hurts to look out right now. You guys don’t understand you’re, speechless when you came out i feel bad And people start walking their dog see no no, way? And that’s it and we hid behind the car i was planning on changing the wrap of my lambo soon So i’m glad it didn’t sink through the wrap to go on my real pain, oh, my, god we didn’t You, don’t have it guys, do you know how i feel right now Like imagine waking up to your lamborghini, like, spray painted thinking that haters came to your house, and did it only crazy parents do then Okay, let me let, me let me show, it let me show her you know What i swear to god when dad was doing it i go? Let me see your robe.

Ohh Sorry, no but doesn’t it look good Oh, this, is where this stop every prank comment down below, this has topped, every prank that i’ve been on my mom, and dad oh? Yeah, well i wasn’t much to me my heart dropped, oh i just bought you a new car Okay, can, we have can, we go how. Continue having, my coffee please How, good it looks, look look no I honestly, did not know. You knew how, to write i swear when he wrote, he write it really good i’m pretty stoked Okay, guys so just to show. You all it’s gonna go away i Think i’m gonna help you for sure i know Look, yeah guys it’s gonna go away so i need, like ten people, yeah, we’re. Just gonna Either, we wait for it to dry and we peel it as you can see it’s peeling so? Thankfully, you guys didn’t actually, damage the wrap You, guys, actually pranked the shit out of me guys you comment down, below do i deserve this after all the pranks i’ve done on my mom and dad Listen rugrats i know i know you guys are gonna say, yes but like this is my baby It’s okay, as long as it goes away then it’s a prank you guys Thank you i hope you, guys, did enjoy i don’t even know Like i haven’t watched the footage of my, mom and dad spray-painting it you guys Made me wake up on the wrong side of the bed you guys hear the shit outta me when you guys came in saying something happened I’m like, oh god it’s, okay? Listen i deserve it i get it okay, guys, let’s see how many Likes, we can get on this video for my mom and dad possibly topping every single prank that i’ve ever done to them By hurting, my, baby they didn’t really hurt it but like, they, made me think that they heard it yeah guys Please subscribe if you are new.

Thank you all so much for returning to my, channel drop a like Check out mamma rug, and papa rugs channel as much as it hurts to say that mama rug and papa rug go Subscribe to them they actually did a good job i can’t wait to rewatch this footage and see It’s gonna it’s gonna hurt for me to like see them, do that like the videos you guys, cringed, when they were spray-painting cuz That’s probably, gonna happen to me hope you guys all have a great rest of your day, and other than that’s been rug We out

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