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For the pond in Utah see Navajo Lake (Utah) Navajo Lake is a reservoir situated in San Juan County and Rio Arriba County in northwestern New Mexico, within the southwestern usa. Portions of the reservoir extend into Archuleta County in southern Colorado. The pond is a component of Colorado River storing Project, which right here manages top of the hits of the San Juan River, storing and releasing water that is used in your area for irrigation, or fundamentally attaining the Colorado River in Utah. Water is impounded in Navajo Lake because of the planet- and rock-filled Navajo Dam, 3,800 legs (1,200 m) very long and 400 feet (120 m) large, finished in 1962. The 15,600-acre (63 km2) lake has ended 25 miles (40 km) very long and lies at an elevation all the way to 6,085 foot (1,855 m). The building associated with dam together with resulting lake flooded and ruined the Navajos’ many sacred web sites. Two shoreline areas nearby the dam in brand new Mexico are included in the Navajo Lake State Park, featuring over 200 camping and picnic websites, as well as 2 enhanced ship ramps and two marinas. The river shorelines underneath the dam are also area of the state park, along with a BLM car park. A location in Colorado near the head of the pond is the Navajo State playground. The lake is a superb destination for camping and basic boating, besides Smallmouth Bass, Ebony Crappie, Northern Pike, Channel Catfish, and Trout fishing.

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