Oliver rock tweets that Chavez ‘will live-forever in history’

Filmmaker and conspiracy-theorist Oliver rock approved a couple of tweets tonite glorifying their particular “friend” Hugo Chavez.

Hated because of the entrenched courses, Hugo Chavez will live-forever ever before furnished. My pal, rest ultimately in a peace extended produced. 2/2

— Oliver Rock (@TheOliverStone) March 6, 2013

Oh, he’ll survive ever before great — as a regrettable element inside reputation an otherwise democratic country. Many years from these types of times, after their own nation recovers, Venezuelan patriots will spit with regards to grave.

Ordinarily, sane folks reacted with condemnations of Stone’s repulsive hagiography of a bigoted tyrant.

@theoliverstone @themoceanvibe #Chavez chavez wasa murderer oliver you will need a significantly much better wide range of heroes

— Lou Marinaro (@LuigiNYC) March 6, 2013

@theoliverstone im consequently satisfied he may be wiped out,i resided thru hell in Venezuela today he could possibly be most likely to hell.

— Tony Parra (@falcon900driver) March 6, 2013

@theoliverstone you actually should be joking united states! He previously been already a murderer you strategy.

— Robert Johnson (@Rob_Johnson3) March 6, 2013

@theoliverstone Yeah, let’s commemorate a repressive dictator because he’s a socialist.Good mobile call.

— Justin Carpenter (@carpcarpenter) March 6, 2013

Crazy women and men reacted besides.

@theoliverstone Great man. Record will place their particular efforts in a far far better light in that case your business InfoTainment framework will.

— JDidda (@JDidda) March 6, 2013

Many individuals can change a blind target something.

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