Breaking: Hillary Clinton hospitalized for blood clot following concussion!/katywithawhy/status/285550096312053760

It is not yet clear how serious this is. We hope she is OK.

Twitchy will monitor this story and will update this post as needed.

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We know how the Left behaves when a Republican is hospitalized. Will conservatives now behave in the same manner?

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This is the only tasteless tweet from a conservative we’ve seen so far:

OH ,who are they kidding Hillary Clinton is as healthy as an ox. Hey Hillary you can run but you cant hide sooner or later we will get you

— marcsteiner111 (@marcsteiner111) December 31, 2012

It is still early, however.

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A few more…

I’m calling BS on Hillary Clinton’s blood clot. B.S.Someone needs an excuse not to testify.

— Susan (@frostytucker) December 31, 2012

@twitchyteamHillary Clinton hospitalized for blood clot following concussionshe’ll do anything to get out of testifying. #coverup

— Jon Minton (@MintFree67) December 31, 2012

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Being treated with anti-coagulants?

Sec. Clinton aide: she is being “treated with anti-coagulants at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.Blood clot had formed following concussion

— Kelly O’Donnell (@KellyO) December 31, 2012

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That treatment could be a good sign:

Doctor on CNN: Use of blood thinners to treat Secy. Clinton’s blood clot seems to indicate no bleeding in brain.

— Matthew Keys (@TheMatthewKeys) December 31, 2012

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