World trend brings life lessons, and humor, to unborn babies

to my boy: you are good enough for any girl.

to my girl: no guy is good enough for you

— StickFM (@StickRadio)!/StickRadio/status/179374068779327488

For a better part of this evening, the hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild has been trending worldwide on Twitter. At first, it seems like another gargle of words put together on the Twittersphere, but looking through the messages, it shows what different people around the world would say to the baby they are about to have (or will have in the future). Here’s a composite of some life lessons – and jokes – that everyone should hear.

The life-lessons: I will never let you suffer; financially, emotionally, physically, etc; I will take care of you no matter the circumstance.

— Haley de St. Germain (@HAlEY_dEStGERM) yo mama wasn't a hoe and yo daddy didn't sell drugs…YOU better not! .

— BeautifulBeast . (@Teairaaa)!/Audyw44/status/179373834175131649 ima never neglect you, never leave you, or never hurt you ! i promise to love, cherish, and give you more then i have ;

— Princess Jasmine (@JAYElousy) your going to have everything i didn't .. a MOTHER and a FATHER , both in your life <3

— E. (@_pytee) I know I won't be a perfect parent but I'll do my best to raise you cherish your accomplishments and forgive your mistakes.

— Jazade (@jazadeee)!/Algo_Dulce2/status/179373844589588481!/blondecai/status/179373748208672769

And of course, the funny ones:!/MrHJPotter/status/179352676558053377 You think you have bad parents? Well, I hear Snooki's pregnant…

— AlmightyMJ (@AlmiightyMJ) I feel bad for you, by the time you're on this earth… there will be no Twitter usernames left.

— Not Will Ferrell (@itsWillyFerrell)!/Evil_Dumbledore/status/179351046999650304 i'd never name you nothin stupid like Vonquisha or Shantaniquaniece okay!! I promise

— Ari (@honeyinashell) , lemme stop talking about you before I jinx myself and you come earlier than intended .

— Insta : Keefsweat. (@_KeefSweat) If you don't like Harry Potter, then find another roof to live under.

— Tonks (@tonksx7)

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