Rob Kardashian on ‘Rita Whora’ trend: I ‘never called anyone specific a whore’!/RobKardashian/status/276016498047344640

Rob Kardashian totally respects women. That’s why he didn’t name names yesterday while tweeting his disgust with a former girlfriend who would “give up her body to more than 20 dudes in less than a year’s time while trying to start a career.”

Public yapping about ex-girlfriends is always a surefire sign a guy respects the ladies.

Rob K. might not have mentioned any particular woman, but his tweets Silly Twitterverse, just assuming he was bashing ex-girlfriend and rising pop star Rita Ora.

Yes, of course. It was some other young artist who Rob was dating.

Rob K. also accused Perez Hilton of giving credence to “PHOTOSHOPPED tweets” that indicated he got Rita pregnant.

Photoshopped? If by Photoshopped he means quickly-deleted and extremely unfortunate. This oh-so-respectful and classy tweet responding to Rita,, was sent out by Rob early this morning.


See, Rob loves the ladies!

The Daily Mail reports that the tweet Rob responded to only appeared to come from Rita and Indeed, the tweet doesn’t appear on Realizing his mistake, Rob deleted his Twitter TMI a short time later.

Perhaps it’s time for Rob to and delete his Twitter account altogether. We’d be a-OK with not seeing further evidence of his “respect” for women.


Looks like Rob has bravely deleted his tweets again.

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