Meet Chip Canine, Many Adorable (And Unique) Farmhand Might Ever Before See.

When it comes to farm puppies, you’re most likely much more familiar with those whose job its to rein in a group roaming sheep. But also for this adorable kelpie living the farm life in Victoria, Australian Continent, it’s all about the wild birds.

Their name is Chip along with his day task requires wrangling as much as 2,500 emus at any given time on the Longview Emu Farm, run by Jeff extended and his companion Bev Littlejohn.

Longer explains the work processor chip finishes in 10 minutes would take Littlejohn and himself hours to finish.

Once the emus are older plus the paddock, you will never herd them therefore Chip functions mainly as body-guard.

He rides along at the back of Long’s four-wheeler to keep the more expensive emus from pecking during the farmer.

The rowdy birds as soon as actually took the keys from four wheeler. Long today keeps them chained towards handlebars.

(via http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/not-just-a-sheep-dog-chip-deals-with-all-the-emus-at-one-farm/story-fnpn0zn5-1227094195095?nk=13fc1ea993010c01410f614bdcf5ad75.)

I believe he is significantly more than received a member of staff for the month prize. He’s positively obtained over-all our hearts!

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