Subnautica | Part 58 | WHAT DID THE ALIENS KNOW?

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome back to Subnautica. Now I wanted to thank you guys so much for all of your patience in getting this series back on its feet. [Occasional Dragon Noises] We were in Boston a lot longer then we thought we were going to be and we planed to be there a lot longer- Ignore the, the dragon that’s outside of my doors trying to get into this boat. Uh, he’s an unfriendly neighbor because I’m about to move into the neighborhood here. Uh, but I just wanted to thank you guys for being so patient and I understand that I left this on a cliffhanger with, the, uh, research base to explore and the other things that I have in mind.

But first things first, Thank you Moonshine for commenting, “You got a signal for the alien thermal plant which is a precursor base inside the lava castle, so the spire formation that you were fighting the sea dragon above with the smoke”- I like how you say I was “FIGHTING” the sea dragon and not being “MAULED TO DEATH” by the sea dragon. Being “BEATEN ALIVE” and then “EATEN ALIVE” and then “SHITTEN ALIVE” out into the lava zone, Uh, and then magically I managed to respawn back into my, my cyclopse here, which is a blessing to be sure. Um, but this base is NOT the containment facility.

That is in the active lava zone. Apparently I’m not in the “active” lava zone. So as some of you may have already known, and as I was rambling on about in the livestream yesterday for about 10 years, I’m sick. I have the flu, and Amy now has the flu too, and she was so nice to take care of me while I was sick, and then she got the flu, so I am going to me taking care of her while she recovers. But I did get some time to record this. Uh so I also want to thank Ethan Garak who said in the inactive lava zone, multiple reaper leviathans skeletons can be found. This is due to sea dragons coming up from the lava zone to catch them, then drag them down to the lava zone to feast. That’s a horrifying thought, because if the dragon’s only diet is reaper leviathans, then what chance do I have? Why in the hell did I go out there and scan that damn thing if it was just going to eat more reaper leviathans? I mean the enemy in my enemy might be my friend but this guy doesn’t seem to have any friends at all.

And I think if I go near him he’s just gonna kill me over and over again. So anyway, he’s out there, and I think my lights are off, UUUUHHH, not that that’s gonna help anyway. So, that’s a terrifying thought. Also, to Noah Dawson who said something that just made me laugh, “Don’t shamwoozle the bamboozle” which I think is life lessons for everybody out there. And then Swag Potato who said, “Mark in a nutshell: So that was really stupid. I’m gonna go do it again,” which does apply because I went back out into the cold to take pictures of myself with less and less clothing progressively throughout the day, which is probably why I’m sick. But then again, everybody got sick from that PAX and this was a particularly bad one.

So, with that being said I’m gonna let you guys know what my plan is and right now, my plan is to get the hecky away from wherever the hell that dragon is. I hope he’s not immediately below me, because that’s where I’m gonna go. Well shit. No I’m not. It is re-god-damn dark out down here. Okay, yeesh. Someone’s unhappy with meeee. Okay, so what I’m gonna do down here– Oh, I might as well make it right by this skeleton.

You know, I might have a nice lawn ornament– So when I said I was gonna be moving into the neighborhood, that means exactly what you think it means. I’m going to be building a base down here, and make it my new home. I’m never-ever gonna have to leave. I’ve got seeds with which to plant trees. Hopefully there’s titanium down here but who knows about that. Maybe the titanium’s all melted down because of the LAVA. But imma try my best and that’s all I can hope to do. So I’m gonna scow–oh hey At least I’ve got my friendly neighborhood Warper. You frickin’ douchebag. So what I need to do… is I need to scout an amicable location for my base– (To Warper) Aw thanks! He doesn’t like this place, the heat gets to him– And then once I do that, of which it’s going to be boiling hot so I gotta take my ah, my Mr. Fister here I’m gonna… Start gathering materials! (Computer) Welcome aboard Captain Which is my favorite thing to do in the middle of a death-defying area where there’s Dragons abound…

..and Warpers– Why? Oh god dammit! It’s doing that thing again! It’s doing that thing again where it doesn’t have the pressure modulator on it and I don’t know why! Frickin bugs. Alright so I gotta access the uh… I gotta access the upgrade hatch somehow. Frick. I guess I just gotta hop in there, get out, and do it. Alright, you know what, Imma go for it. Here we go! Hibbidy hobbidy hibbidy hobbidy HIIB (fart noise) Okay, so we just gotta pop this b- Ow my skin is burning.

That’s great, that’s good for ya. So we gotta pop this back in and out here, and I’m going to umm Nah, that’s good enough for me. Oh, I’m burning alive! Get–NOO that’s not what I want. Can you not do that? That’d be good. Okay, thank you for that. Alright, so now that my pressure, for some reason, is magically now appropriate, I’m gonna explore this hellscape and call it: Home. Ah, yes, Lovely. I’m sure he died fun. What is this? Is that uh… Uh, that’s diamond. That’s not what I want. Can I get some titanium out of this sunabitch? Nope! Okay, this might be– This might be a– This might be a lost cause trying to do this. But if there’s one thing that Markiplier doesn’t do, it’s give up, especially when it’s a stupid idea. So I’m gonna keep hammering away at this stupid idea, until I find a source of titanium, with which I can…

build a base… (Low Grunting Noise) I hate this place. I hate everything about this place. And supposedly I’m nearby the uh, I’m nearby–oh [ROAR] Apparently I’m nearby–oh That guy is mad. That guy is REAL mad. oohh Well that is– Hey is that a skull? Heh, that’d be a nice– That’d be a nice thing to wake up next to every morning and look at. Oh that’s beautiful– and laggy. Ahhh. Two frames a second, my favorite. There we go. Ugh, that one’s infected with the Carar. So yeah, I’m uh… (mumbles) yeah, okay, I’ve uh got no hope is basically– Get out of my face, you wanna get some suckage? Go suck away somewhere else, ya asshole. Alright, I can’t– (referring to Dragon) I don’t know where that guy is, but I can’t wait to try to fall asleep to those sounds. Just a Sea Dragon screaming in the distance as loud as it can.

Ugh, what is this? [ROAR IN BACKGROUND] Where is this? Where is this going? Oh, quit moanin’! I’ve got the FLU, you think I care about YOUR problems? Not you guys, his problem. Man, you are just a whiney bitch today! Can you just- M-M-M-M-Man or woman up, whatever you are and then just be brave? Sto- wo, Hey, WOH, WOH! What the hell was that? Excuse you! Don’t make me scan you. I’ll do it, I’m brave like that. You want me to scan you..? HOWH-I bet u don’t I bet u just shy…… Hurh (Sarcastic Tone) Oh- No! You took a bite! Oh, you almost did something! (Sarcastic Being Hurt Noises) (Still Sarcastic) Ourgh yeah that hurt.

(Fake Moans) I need to repair this thing. Maybe he was hurting me, I have no idea. OH GOD HE IS-OKAY– HE HURTS ME! UUOHKAY! YOU KNOW WHAT I’M GONNA GRIND YOU! (Mumble) Yeesh.. Okay, that guy hurt a lot… Don’t you even frickin dare destroy this thing, IT’S ALL I HAVE! YEEEEEE ITS ALL I HAVE, DON’T HIT ME! Aww come on! Why is someone such a whiny baby?! Man! He’s whining up a storm! Holy shit that guy is grumpy! Ohhhh, he’s up there– Are there two of them? Are they mating!? Is there a mating ritual going on of Sea Dragons of epic proportions that I don’t want to be around for? Uhhh, Alright, pull me in.

Come on! No, that’s, that’s the stupid way to do it. Nah, that’s the outside. I like how you missed the hole there, that was good! Lag’s perfect– yeah that’s it! Hupp! Yeah we made it, okay we’ll call that one a good. Ooohh. Oh. Hang on, wait a second. Alien thermal plant! Oh! I am right by it! Oh, you know, I might as well go over there… Might as well skedaddle and see what that’s all about, because that’s gotta be fun! A whole plant dedicated to thermal! Huh! Can you umm… If you’re gonna be here then I might as well name you! I’m gonna call you… Little… L- Little Larva Larry. Nah, I named a lot of things Larry, I don’t wanna name you Larry too… I’m gonna call you… Little Lar- Little Larva Lester! … After my Favorite Youtuber Phil Lester. So far I’m just skirting around this big spiral– I honestly didn’t know that I was fighting over in that– the big pillars of smoke were the exhaust tubes for the thermal plant.

So what I gotta do is I gotta find the entrance wherever the hell it is. (Mumbling) I don’t even know– I don’t even know how I got these co-ordinates. They were just in my inventory. What do you think, Lester? Huh? Little Larva Lester! Oh, you’re gonna be a plushie soon! Everyone is gonna have this horrible thing that will just suck… All the power out of them… Nah, that’s a bad idea! Nooo, heyy, okayyy… That was a thing that happened. OHH I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A DRAGON! I didn’t realize that! Ohh, okay, sorry, excuse me. Please do not bat me around… …You can’t hurt me. I’m in my… Oh hey… Okay. Alright, that was weird. Okay so maybe I was on the correct side… Is there something, oooh wait I see something up there! Ahhhhh!!!! HELLO, HELLO, HELLO! My name is Markiplier! … How are you doing? Ahh yes! I will enter this weird… Geologically bizarre place. Okay, Alright then. I wish I could repair my Doodydadder, that’d be awfully nice. But I can’t. And my inventory is full, why is my inventory full? I gotta drop off some shit.

Argh, I keep wasting my time like this… Okay, so we’re gonna go into this bad boy… and then I’m going to do what I need to do, and if I need a key I’m going to be screwed, because I don’t think I have enough diamond for that… OH WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT. There is diamond everywhere here. This is literally the only place where diamond is in excess. Soooo I- I’m gonna make that if I need to make that, but I don’t know if I need to make that yet, so I’m gonna hold off on that until I KNOW I need to make that. Then I’m gonna Mr. Fister in there and hopefully repair him on the way out. LET’S DO THIS!!! Come on!!!! I’m ready for ya. WE’RE ready for it. Whatever’s in here– Whoa ‘kay. Alright, faster than I thought. Okie dokie! Love the decor! Ahhh… This looks horrifying. Oh goody! I hope I die here! Ahhhh [DRAGON ROAR] I see it’s haunted by the screams of the dammed. Woah woah, laggy…

Almost sent me into the abyss! Okay then… Well this is promising! So… I’m in here… but what else is in here? Oh, it just keeps going down… Eughhh OHHH there we go!!! …that looks weird and scary… Eughhh Just like everything else here so I guess it kinda fits… Eughhh I’m just looking for anything that might be titanium which is what i might need if i ever wanna make a base down here OHH MY GOD!!! How did you make this in here? How’dya do this!?! I mean i’m about to build a base down here, so i would like some tips, some pointers would be great! Is there diamond in here? …

Might need that… Yes there is! But i’m gonna ROAST ALIVE, ’cause i didn’t get my thermal suite Alright How do we get into that son-of-a-bitch up there? Whooo I’m flying! Detecting alien materials and a massive local energy mass in the 1,000 megawatt range NO, I’M FALLING D:< 1,000 megawatts sounds like a lot, but I have no point of reference to compare it to so ima assume that it’s not as much as as I produce alright so what do we got? Plooms of Lavaa Precurser architecture Ooh Why are you here? WHOA woah God Damn it DON’T D:< don’t don’t do not DOONN’T NOOOO NOOOOOOO oh nononononono Oh mwa god mwagodmwagodmwagodmwagodmwagod I need to repair this GET UP THERE, YOU SON OF A BITCH GET UP THERE D:< Or down Down’s good too D:< Ya know Whatever gets me away from the son of a bitch that- Put me at one duckin percent Just get me the fuck out of here! D:< (Screams of anguish) PULL ME PULL ME PULL M- (Mr.Fister breaks) OH MY GOOOOD Mark moarning the loss of poor Mr.

Fister Sounds of Mark burning alive Ima just reload my save D: That wasn’t my fault! Sure Mark I was trying to sit on a ledge! So that I could repair I don’t know why- But it would not let me get on a ledge and for some reason, there was no fish around me that blew me up I just blew up! D: Why? I have no god damn idea! Why would I have just blown up?! HE COULD’VE BEEN AN ENGINEER That makes no sense! D:< Why did I just blow up?! I don’t know! Ask the game! (Mark tries to come up with an excuse) Why would I have chosen to blow up?! Blowing up is the opposite of what I wanted to dooo! (mumbles) Alright, fine then Ok, so that went poorly But ima be right back to it Don’t you worry! You don’t go nowhere (Fakes being back) I’m not yet Mumbles OOO I see an enterance Mark noises I’m here! I’ve made it! πŸ˜€ Welcome me! ^-^ Ok, I can probably- Mr.Fister being fisted by the fixer Did you guys hear that? Sounded like something horrible! D: HORRIBLE AND HORRIFING! TERRIBLE EVEN! Sounded like bad! D: B for Bad? Like a whole lot of bad Something’s moving around in here and I don’t like it D:< Ok Unintelligible mumbles Ima get in my suit now! Ima get in my suit now and beat the frick out of you if you try to come by me What the friick are youu Cool tunes ok I don’t know what you are but ima try to scan you! D:< Alien drone? HELL YEAH, GET SCANNED Uh huh, ok, alright then Neato Neato Burrito! What do ya got for meh This device does not match any known humon technology Although its design is relatively simple Its only observed behavior has been attacking local liveforms in a radius around the ancient structures Features few moving parts Carries a rechargeable, ion-based power reserve Reliable and energy efficient.

Modeling the age and purpose of the device is difficult Its relative harmlessness is at odds with the advanced technology apparently available to its designers Ok, so Advanced technology needs to be harmful, is that what you’re saying? I think not! D:< Ok, wow well this- this is weird Aha! Ok, so there is something in here that needs to be- Accessed with a- Oh! Yeah, I don’t have a purple artiact But I can get one What the frick is this? Woah! It’s the MotherLOAD! (astonished) What is that?! Hey, Hey wha- OW! OW! MAH A$$ Stop it, hey, stop it, oh, cu- you! (Battle crys) Yeah, you better run D:< Huh, oh, floating on nothing then… (mumbles) Alright so, what I don’t have.. Is the key so I’m going to go get that And get some diamond on the way. So I’ll be right baack cause I need to make this adventure (Rip headphone users) Almost! Something about this place and getting me over the edge of stuff is real hard D:< This is a- this is a complicated area getting me over like, ledges and cresipises and all that Yeah ok, that that that made sense, ok we’ll do it that way if that’s what you wanna do Ok! Soo I don’t know why that’s doing that Alright! So I’m in here! If anybody wants to fight- Gets to answer to Mr.Fister! D:< You wanna fight? I’ll fight you, i’ll fight you, i’ll fight you! WwHAAAA Get rekt πŸ˜€ You’re dead That’s what’ll happen to youu That’s what’ll happen to ALL of you! If you even come close to me! >:D Hey, is that that thing that’s supposed to be the power of a nuclear bomb? What happens if I hit it with my with my drill Let me save before I hit it with my drill, but what happens if I hit this with my drill? (The world ends) Huh? Is it gonna be all bull- shploady? I bet it is >:D Oh HELL yeah! Gimmy your ions! Fuc yeah dude! Oh, fuc yeah! πŸ˜€ Oh, Hell yeah! This doesn’t seem responsible, ya know! I’m gonna just go ahead and say that- When I approach alien technology with the power of multible You know nuclear explosions Don’t go hitting it with a diamond drill! That’s probably rule number one Well I don’t know, what do I know, I’m just a dumb humon! These Precursors, they probably accounted fer Barbaric other species (you mean you, mark?) smacking away at their energy sources I mean, it’s so weird Cause the accounted for this Like, the developers anyway, they accounted for, uh Yaven coming here with a fricken Drill! But uh, now I got this! And hopefully- hopefully this means I’ll be able to get- um Get the WAAAAAA, you are KIDDING MEE I hate youu (aww D:) I hate all of youu! D’: I hate youu How could you do this to me? (I’m sorry D’:) How could you do this to mee? I made my misitakes! Whoops, I got nowhere to run apparently Welp! I fell down, went boom Uh, speed runners, take note of this for anyone trying to speedrun Well, that looks cool, good thing I saw that before I was supposed to You know, get there That’s- that’s a good, you know I’m gonna just just wander around Mark noises You know what this stuff reminds me of? Creepers Like, look at the skin pattern, with the pixels, the squares in there the subtle green shifting the explosive potential of power Kinda creeperesk Got a litte bit of creeper going on in there Mark sounds Ok, did I blow it all up? Good, ok, alright Give, give, give give give Give give give.

And then don’t send me off into the abyss, I don’t even know how you did that Ok So now that I got that I can actually maneuver my way into here Hob ba da boop boop (Sings) Get in there, let me in I’m hoping that maybe the- the Unless, I’ve gotten it already, but I don’t think I’ve gotten it the design for the- um Bwa- whoa Blue? Blue artfact? Blu- Oh it’s big! πŸ˜€ Ancient alien artifact, glows blue Wow, thanks for telling me more about that- that seems really cool that you went to all the trouble of writing that in intense detail about it Thank you! I feel learned did I feel like my brain has expanded in compasity Numerous times πŸ˜€ Oh, wait, is this a gate? Wade a minute, wade a minute, wade a minute, is this a gatey gate? πŸ˜€ Is this a gaaa- how do I turn it on, where does it go to? Ah If this leads to the surface, it is- A god send It is amazing- I am almost stuck again D:< But, if this is a gate And it does lead to somewhere on the surface, I’m going to be so happy I don’t see a way to turn it on here So maybe there is a way turn it on somewhere else Yeah I don’t see anything that I can place ok So, I’m going to come back to this, but that’s that’s actually good And I’m going to save again because I don’t want to save and have everything expload again! πŸ˜€ ok So, that’s- that’s good to know.

There’s another way to go down there but I’m gonna go this way first Just to check it all out Oh, ok. this is just another side entrance, ok Good to know, good to know, good to know. Good to know! Not that I need to know right now, but that’s good to know Hipody hop down the candy shop! Alright, what do we got here? Does anything need a blue artifact key down here? So I’m thinking Just judging by what- uh uh, moonshine said I don’t think this is the containment plant, I think this is only this- this whole purpose of this particular (Mark makes a discovery) I needed two! I needed two! I called that! I didn’t know that I called it πŸ˜€ Hell to the yeah! I’ll take that, why not Alright! (Voice breaks) Cool! (Amazed) I got it! But uh, I’m beginning to think that their might be another one- uh Somewhere far off Ugh, I apologize, I’m feeling sick, getting uh- getting energized like this Ooooo Oo, ok, alright, I’ll read This This system converts thermal energy to electric current at 90% efficiency Some of this energy is chemically stored on sight While unknown mechanisms appear to be transferring most of it to remote locations somewhere else on the planet 30% percent stored on sight for emergency use 30% Ground-to-air quarantine enforcement platform 22% primary containment facility 11% disease research facility 7% self-warping quarantine units ah This system appears to be fully automated and given current understanding of the mechanisms involved uninterruptable interesting! So this is providing power to the warpers uh remotely I don’t know how it does that Obviously, this a game world, so you know It does it through game logic but Just through sheer technology alone like That’s a really fascinating utilization of wireless power which is a concept that does exist uh, But only in limited circumstances like uh, it is kinda fascinating Oo, maybe it’s gonna tell me how Oo- ok I’ll read this, sure This geological data was recorded from the volcanic rock that was excavated to construct this facility It was possible to extrapolate a number of key trends Genetic Divergence The aliens recorded data on indigenous organic remains originating between 10,000 and 1,000 years ago The lifeforms on record feature an unusually low overlap with those encountered so far on 4546B So there are very few species from 1,000 years ago that even exist today.

Very few. Extinction Event Soil samples from 1,000 years ago contain 300% higher concentrations organic remains than the soil average Data supports a mass extinction event killing off a majority of species and forcing rapid adaptation amongst many of the survivors. Cause is unknown. Plausible theories include Fluctuating environmental conditions, Disease, meteor impact, Outside interference So the outside interference would have been the precursers but it also could have been the carar because they were reasearching the carar disease like what was it? 1,000 years ago, and then 1,000 years ago there was an extinction event So then the majority of the species died But for there to be any life now , even if it’s very different from the life that exists then it would’ve had to been resistant to the disease So why is it starting to affect everything now is the question did I have something to do with that? Or maybe they contained it And then I accidently, oopsy boopsy, unleashed it which would be- expected of me, I’m a doof πŸ˜€ Oh! Thanks for the lighted- lighted hallways! I wouldn’t have know where to go ^-^ Ooo, this looks important! Alien ion crystal data! There we go, is that gonna be the stuff I need? This alien- This alien data reveals some of the mechanisms by which the designers were able to contain and harness such vast amounts of energy within the ion crystals discovered around their facilities Improved battery and power cell blueprints which take advantage of this information are now available for fabrication HEYYY There we go! πŸ˜€ I have the stuff now! Cool! So now I can make these- new power cells And new ion batteries And then those are gonna be much more efficient in all the devices So, you guys have been telling me that I can make these things I haven’t been able to make these things because I never got them from here ahh but that’s cool ok So I’m all out of time for this episode.

I think I reached the bottom of this except for that one other area trying to get that gate unlocked But I’ll figure that out in the next episode and in the next episode as well I’ll be building a base down here I don’t know how many trips I’m gonna need to go back up to get enough titanium to do that hopefully just one and then load up my entire cyclops but I’m gonna do that because I’m going to fight D:< that son of a bitch known as the sea dragon don’t know if it’s possible to kill it, but ima gonna fight it and I’m gonna try to kill it So how about that (Outro) Buh Bye! πŸ˜€ *rad outro music plays* Goodnight everyone! ^-^

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