I Was Using Google Earth When I Noticed Something Awesome… In Fact, 29 Awesome Things.

Google Earth allows us to explore the world around us in a way that used to be impossible. With the help of satellite imagery and aerial photographs taken by aircraft, Google created a gigantic and interactive map for us to play with. Exploring cities you've never visited is fun, but you can also use it to explore where you currently live ("Bob has a swimming pool?") The most entertaining part of … [Read more...]


College Is The Best Time Of Your Life, Make It Even Better With These Awesome Gadgets.

It's that time of the year when kids get that look in their eye: school is right around the corner. That may be unfortunate for some, but school supply shopping can actually be kind of fun. You should really start stocking up on the raddest back to school gear that you can. Technology has advanced a bit since the old days of pencil sharpeners and crayons, so upgrade your gear with some of these … [Read more...]


These 10 Simple Mind Tricks Are Really Cool And Can Help You Get What You Want.

The human brain is essentially a small, squishy computer in your skull. If it is, then you should be able to hack your brain computer to do cool things, right? It's not only possible, but it's a common practice for a lot of people. Not only can you hack your own brain to help you remember things, but you can hack other people's brains. That may be a little too Orwellian for you, but these 10 … [Read more...]


If The Apocalypse Begins And You’re Still On Earth, This Is Exactly Where You Need To Go. Trust Me.

Thanks to the Internet and other digital media, an impending apocalypse or "doomsday" is on a lot of people's minds. Shows like Doomsday Preppers encourage people to prepare for the end of days any way they can. Most of us might have trouble finding the perfect fallout shelter for the apocalypse, but people near these 10 locations are lucky. They live beside the perfect apocalyptic safe … [Read more...]


You Believed Typical Pests Is At Reality Icky? Wait Til To Be Honest Whatever They Familiar With Be Seemingly.

We most likely can all concur that bugs and snakes may be the worst. Creepy-crawlies, normally, can stay static in their unique dark concealing places. More than likely we are pleased to-be decrease them this cold temperatures. Regular insects are often gross, particular. Nonetheless they have been a fairly of good use dimensions when comparing to their ancient grand-parents. Most useful wishes … [Read more...]