Ron Fournier’s ‘provocative hypothetical’ on quarantines? Gun seizures

http://twitter.com/#!/ChasFlemming/status/526888750186369024 National Journal reporter Ron Fournier has been doing a lot of chin scratching on the Ebola crisis lately, leading to some head scratching from his Twitter followers. Just yesterday, he tweeted a photo that seemed to equate the Ebola quarantine policies of Govs. Cuomo and Christie with World War II internment camps (while … [Read more...]


Joe Scarborough’s security of information Sen. Kay Hagan skipped hearing zinged

http://twitter.com/#!/bradcundiff/status/520548266052976640 Senator Kay Hagan, up for re-election in nyc, admitted recently that she skipped an equipped promotions Committee summit to produce some considered to be a fundraiser. Watchers of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” found that Joe Scarborough stumbled from security of Sen. Hagan: "If Kay Hagan is battling appropriate of … [Read more...]


Joe Biden’s pledge to take into consideration ISIS ‘to the gates of hell’ dosed with reality

http://twitter.com/#!/MelissaTweets/status/507225569629458433 Joe Biden performed some tough conversing today: http://twitter.com/#!/Carter_Cattle/status/507222236303212544 President Obama states their particular administration doesn’t have really in reality definitely certainly definitely an approach continually constantly placed to modify the ISIS menace, but Joe Biden knows exactly … [Read more...]


Brit Hume promises Brat profits will harm GOP without immigration reform

http://twitter.com/#!/ThomasPaine5/status/476534018456842241 Fox Information’ Brit Hume warned these days’s upset by David Brat will help the Democrats and hurt the GOP long-term “because immigration reform wouldn't pass” because Republicans “will have to carry-on into 2016 election without their name of immigration reform.” Hume insisted that … [Read more...]


Surf’s up: Aussies offer Obama with presidential surfboard

http://twitter.com/#!/markknoller/status/477165112923787264 Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot will need to have been intending to when President Obama reported he’d be eating in terms of a coconut as rapidly as possible after after that inauguration … [Read more...]


‘Just sick’: Obama says it’s Congress’ fault he has to resort to executive action

http://twitter.com/#!/BiasedGirl/status/483689994813317120 Poor Obama. It’s just not easy being him. POTUS ventured into the Rose Garden this afternoon to reiterate the importance of passing immigration reform and castigate those pesky congressional Republicans for failing to make it happen. Just pass that “darn bill” … [Read more...]


‘Semper fi’: Prayers for Marines sent to Sudan to protect embassy, Americans

http://twitter.com/#!/dap1510/status/415298899926986752 http://twitter.com/#!/CaterW/status/415391849868570624 It may be Christmas Eve, but there’s no rest for our men and women in uniform defending freedom and securing peace 24/7/365. Grateful Americans sent up prayers for the U.S. Marines who’ve been dispatched to South Sudan, where civil war has created a deadly catastrophe as … [Read more...]


President Big Spender: ‘We can’t just keep throwing money at the problem’

http://twitter.com/#!/BarackObama/status/476063330310696962 Please. Says the guy who’s helped propel the national debt to over $17.5 trillion. Says the guy who spends our money like it’s going out of style. http://twitter.com/#!/TheBrandonMorse/status/476063455250624512 Oh yeah. If there’s anyone who can “keep throwing money” at problems indefinitely, it’s … [Read more...]


‘Political explanations?’ NC news outlets pulling Hagan tale sparks questions

http://twitter.com/#!/lachlan/status/529267317570826240 It absolutely was recently reported that an organization co-owned by N.C. Sen. Kay Hagan’s spouse was at reality the average indivdual of stimulation cash. A totally free of cost account from WBTV in Charlotte supplied thereon, saying that dilemmas business had suggested “further appropriate analysis” concerning … [Read more...]


Brad Thor features truly an unsettling note in connection with Gitmo recidivism rate

http://twitter.com/#!/candicanelane/status/472872442759634944 President Obama purchased five Taliban frontrunners circulated from Gitmo for return of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who'd previously already been held in Afghanistan since 2009. Creator Brad Thor features a contact of what amount of when it comes to distributed from Gitmo are recognized to gone back to terrorist … [Read more...]