100-FOOT PUPPY ZIP LINE! **Rip Arya**

Son of a bitch!?!?! Oh ma gah guys we're watching yesterday's vlog. Uhm.. as you guys know. Evan doggo Arya (R.I.P) passed away. and its sad bro She was so cute. Brendan: so innocent Logan: Now so dead Lets go see Evan (R.I.P. arya music plays at a deafening volume) Hold on wait a second AYO GUD MORNING LOGANG WUS PAPPIN (R.I.P arya music plays at deafening volume) Did you watch my vlog from … [Read more...]



IT ABSOLUTELY WAS WEEKLY yesterday We inquired you Diss monitor myself ohhhhhhhhh for this reason scaaared i'll be TREMBLING, shaking, I am afraid. Which an account, also. I am not certainly afraid. This really is myself synthetic trembling Because without a doubt I'm CONfident in myself and my own capabilities, that whatever will probably be advertised within diss track it ought to be many trash. … [Read more...]


Maladaptive Daydreaming & Extreme Fantasizing | recommendations Control It

Hi everyone else! This video clip is probably be about maladaptive daydreaming and fantasizing, precisely what its and how to handle it. What is maladaptive daydreaming? Well, theoretically it is actually fantasizing, dissociation and now we additionally've all skilled this. Thinking about something in your ideas and dissociating from just what is being conducted all around us. We … [Read more...]


‘Open house courtesy of the revolution’: Pics of Yanukovych’s private zoo!/shaunwalker7/status/437210990405763072 Viktor Yanukovych appears to be digging in his heels today, refusing to resign as Ukraine’s president.!/shaunwalker7/status/437229297733226496 Yanukovych to @UBR_ua: – won't resign – this is a nazi coup – complain about repressions against his MPs/cronies— … [Read more...]