Fall in Love With This House’s Epic Interior Design. It’s Out of This World.

Ever wish your house was a little more, I don't know, fun? If so, take some notes from this awesome house in Japan designed by Takeshi Hosaka Architects. It's one of the most unique and quirky houses I've ever seen.It looks like it was designed Dr. Seuss if he was a skateboarder (which means it's really cool). I think you'll agree.   Here's a couple shots of the custom designed … [Read more...]


When You See This Little Boy’s Room, You’ll Be Very Jealous. My Inner Child Just Went Crazy.

Growing up can be stressful. Instead of play dates, you have blind dates. Instead of recess, you get a receding hairline. But, just because you're not a kid anymore doesn't mean you can't have a play like one. Steve Kuhl, a brilliant designer and CEO of Kuhl Design+Build, can create you a bedroom that'll tickle your inner child's dreams. (Even if you build it for your actual child.) One of the … [Read more...]


This Crafty Mom Helps Her Toddlers Entertained And Educated For Lunch.

When parents deliver youths to establishment regarding lunches filled, they generally times times'll throw-in a message of reassurance or around another small token to ensure they remember the certain range their particular parents love these as they're away. For Tokyo, Japan, based mama Maiko Takahashi, your entire supper becomes a blank record for innovative procedures to generate lady … [Read more...]


You’ll Some Surpised Knowing Logic Behind Why Nevertheless Been Eating Dinner About A Dumpster.

With $165 billion worthy of of totally great meals is dumped yearly, it is similar to the options tend to be interior advantage about fishing of this forms of thing proposed you just simply take if you should be through dumpsters behind supermarkets alongside supermarkets. Howevre, that won't get success safer to see environmental activist Rob Greenfield consuming entirely the huge garbage … [Read more...]


This Church Can Disappear In Just A Matter Of Seconds. Visualize it individually.

You should have had desired you'll be able to just reduced? You must if you should be a Belgian chapel. (undoubtedly, any specific one about. I am not sure about all Belgian churches.) “Reading between Lines” is an excellent investing up through design duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. The piece, which to-be within Limburg, Belgium, showcase horizontal meals and closely resembles an … [Read more...]


Turning A Frown Upside-down Does Not Change You Towards Good, It Makes You Look Crazy.

South African expert professional specialist professional professional professional photographer Anelia Loubser's latest image sets challenges our perception of a few ideas. In place of photographing people pertains to near, she just photographed the most effective his or her guidelines. She afterwards flipped the image and used your house. Let me reveal precisely how she describes … [Read more...]


So, A Man Took Some Coloured Pencils Many Glue. Exactly what He Created Is Really Cool.

Some might believe that  … [Read more...]


When I Get Bored At Work, I Play Solitaire. This Waiter Does Something EPIC.

When this server gets bored at work, he didn't just text his friends or think about what time he was getting off. Instead, he did something so elaborate and creative, it should be considered a work of art. It's possible that his job is driving him just a little bit insane, but the results are pretty epic. It all started out with a typical order pad (quarter shown for … [Read more...]


NYCC’s Cosplayers Flaunt Dedication and Talent With One Of These Giant Props.

If you've previously visited a meeting like ny's Comic Con, and even a smaller one, you know that cosplaying is serious company. "Cosplay" refers to dressing like characters from your preferred games, shows, and flicks. Some cosplayers create devoted reproductions of characters while they appear initially. Some have fun putting a personal spin from the personality, or combining two imaginary … [Read more...]


This Creative DIY Camera Gets Extra Points For Being So Creepy.

Pinhole cameras can be created using almost anything. Creative photographers used this rudimentary method to get back to the basics of their art form. The practice dates all the way back to 5 BC. Photographer Wayne Martin Belger didn't go quite that far back for his camera, but this 150-year-old human skull certainly makes for a spooky snapshot option. The piece was dubbed "Third … [Read more...]