Awesome: Stephanopoulos wishes questions for Obama; Citizens deliver

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos established yesterday he scored an “exclusive” interviewing President Obama. Simply lapdogs need apply!

You imply tongue bathtub MT @https://twitter.com/dylanbyers: https://twitter.com/search/%23BREAKING: George Stephanopoulos functions special interviewing @https://twitter.com/barackobama the next day. Details ahead

— Rschrim (@Rschrim) https://twitter.com/Rschrim/status/311238697888665601


Stephanopoulos asked for problems about president.

Last call– provide myself the questions you have for President Obama. I’ll be sitting oneself along for an exclusive conference w/him down the road today.

— GeorgeStephanopoulos (@GStephanopoulos) https://twitter.com/GStephanopoulos/status/311416032688480256

Be mindful all that’s necessary, Georgie! The thing is, folks on Twitter often perform the job the news won’t. They don’t ask oh-so-insightful concerns like many individuals in news do. But, they are doing mock those types of issues!

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos The tough issues was indeed clearly expected of @https://twitter.com/barackobama during your meeting.”Did you happenwatch “The Bachelor, Sir?”

— Joelon Wilson (@futureicon) https://twitter.com/futureicon/status/311511878981521409

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos ask him if its tough for him to sit for you personally and david gregory up their unique end.

— Clint Curtis (@ccurtis919) https://twitter.com/ccurtis919/status/311446620938043392

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos What’s their niche ice-cream taste?

— Roberto Castaneda (@ROBERTO415) https://twitter.com/ROBERTO415/status/311490252286078976


Afterward appeared the specific issues. You realize, those who lapdogs won’t ask. Yesterday, we reported when you are through hijacking of #AskFLOTUS. http://twitchy.com/2013/03/11/boom-askflotus-hashtag-hijack-michelle-obama-asks-for-questions-happy-warriors-deliver/. Yesterday noted the six four weeks anniversary associated with murders in http://twitchy.com/2013/03/11/remember-benghazi-sharyl-attkisson-citizens-still-seek-answers-six-months-after-benghazi-murders/. If lapdogs won’t ask, Twitter people will.

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos Just joking… only who squeezed the Benghazi film?

— Roberto Castaneda (@ROBERTO415) https://twitter.com/ROBERTO415/status/311490900465422336

@https://twitter.com/sswinkgma @https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos https://twitter.com/search/%23askobama just what REALLY took place Benghazi

— Colin Olson (@NascarMechanic) https://twitter.com/NascarMechanic/status/311426466581712896

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos ask him if he slept truly the evening amount of September eleven, 2012, while their ambassador was dying in https://twitter.com/search/%23benghazi

— john boyd (@DachiefBoyd) https://twitter.com/DachiefBoyd/status/311424632383213569

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos Where was he in those days 4 dudes was undeniably dying in https://twitter.com/search/%23benghazi? We already know only you don’t have balls George but worth an endeavor

— Ron (@Mixmanic) https://twitter.com/Mixmanic/status/311418995939082242

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos @https://twitter.com/abc I’d must you understand just why it may need an invest plus some months to grasp what the POTUS was performing during Benghazi assault

— Matt Thayer (@HawkeyeThayer) https://twitter.com/HawkeyeThayer/status/311270220260073472


— SneakyCaptn (@SneakyCaptn) https://twitter.com/SneakyCaptn/status/311416378617888768

@https://twitter.com/thisweekabc @https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos @https://twitter.com/abc why won’t @https://twitter.com/whitehouse launch https://twitter.com/search/%23Benghazi understanding businesses to Congress????

— Rick R (@Rr27mouse) https://twitter.com/Rr27mouse/status/311281117691011073

@https://twitter.com/gma @https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos – think about quickly & Furious, Benghazi, balanced investing system, across the country financial obligation solely for newbies

— Lisa Logue (@lisa_logue) https://twitter.com/lisa_logue/status/311419706122846208

Amen. Several other concerns fleetingly after that used.

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos Even if you’re at it, ask him exactly how weapon control is finding Chicago, where over 200 young ones ended up being shot last year.

— Leah (@gopfirecracker) https://twitter.com/gopfirecracker/status/311416774157557762

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos Im middle-income group. Why done my costs boost? And reaction somehow without blaming Republicans.

— Adam Burris (@IkeAdam) https://twitter.com/IkeAdam/status/311491612784091136

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos Ask him if Obama treatment solutions are undoubtedly they technique you should use. Because a lot of both women and men can’t show afford gasoline to need to and fro to make use of

— tangula boyd quinn (@TangulaQ) https://twitter.com/TangulaQ/status/311482168469778433

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos. Just how do the President benefit making use of teens, anytime united states 50 somethings are dying for work? We is numerous regular..i wants work!

— Becky Johnson (@BeckyBlueGrass) https://twitter.com/BeckyBlueGrass/status/311467519313604608

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos so just how do he arrange for recently done students for jobs whenever there are older, competent employees which can’t?

— Bronte ✝ Pruitt (@brontepruitt) https://twitter.com/brontepruitt/status/311455604256419840

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos The thing that makes you utilizing much money putting magnificent tasks and utilizing many pauses at any time our country is inthe restroom?

— Heather Driver (@hdriver99) https://twitter.com/hdriver99/status/311453432588427265

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopouloswhy does he believe their particular recommendations works whenever research is huge it’s a failure?

— Huge Kahuna (@bigkahuna590) https://twitter.com/bigkahuna590/status/311510998978793475

@https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos Each individual business work adds a taxPAYER and gets rid of a taxTAKER from monetary climate…the reason why Obama does very little which could make PS jobs?

— We Connect The Dots (@mindlessmumble) https://twitter.com/mindlessmumble/status/311480166499102722

What’s it like simply fielding dilemmas from devoted Democratic operatives? RT @https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos: Deliver myself the issues you have got for President Obama.

— CHIcon (@theCHIcon) https://twitter.com/theCHIcon/status/311480269930631168


Will probably anyone of this problems verify it is to the “interview”?

ABC EXCLUSIVE: @https://twitter.com/gstephanopoulos to interview @https://twitter.com/barackobama the following time. Excerpt@https://twitter.com/abcworldnews Tues; complete intvu Wed @https://twitter.com/gma http://t.co/vgNITJJdN1

— Hello America (@GMA) https://twitter.com/GMA/status/311251176869994496

We won’t hold our atmosphere.





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